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We're back

By:Karen Tran(The number one fan of Callisto it's true I have Callisto stuff all over my room!!)

The question is: What happens after Callisto's and Valasca's lava bath???

"YYYYAAAAAHH!!" Callisto's voice rings out the battle on Valasca was on as it would be for eternity. Their swords clinked and the battle seemed endless until they heard a loud laugh just as Callisto swipes the sword from Valasca. "Ha, ha, ha!" "Hera...." Valasca says. "What?" Callisto mounted her sword in it's sheath. "Ladies,or I mean Goddesses welcome to mount Olympas." the voice called out. "What are you talking about we are trapped underneath a lava run." Callisto says. And then the voice says "Well now you're not!!

Back at Xena's Campground....."Xena? Xena? XENA,WAKE UP!!" "huh?" After trading Callisto body with hers and the talk to Callisto's mother Xena has lost all guilt of murdering Callisto and when Xena gave her a lava bath she hasn't had a twitch of guilt-until that morning. "Xena,ya okay?" Gabrielle looked questioningly at her. "Gabrielle?" "Come on,today we visit the new queen Ephiny!!" "alright" She then got up. Just as they were about to leave Salari and some other amazons came to their camping ground. "Xena!" Salari said. "Valasca is back! She is freed from the lava!"

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"Valasca is back?" Gabrielle asked. "Yes." Salari answered. "That also means Callisto is too" Xena adds. "Come." Salari says. "We've got to get back to Ephiny." On the way some men come and attack and they get rid of them. At the amazon camp they discover that Ephiny is missing. "With the queen gone we have no real food supply she was going to get some at the next village!" Salari anounces. "Oh,no!" Gabby says. "Where could she of gone?" Salari says. "She didn't go anywhere, " Xena said. "She's been kidnapped." "By who?" Toreen asks (another amazon).Xena answered "Valasca."

So Xena, Salari, and Toreen (while Gabby agrees to stay with the amazons to hunt for food) set off to find Valasca and Callisto. "These roads look so unfamialiar." says Toreen. "Excuse me, young ladies do you help?" says an old woman. "Why yes we do." Salari said. "Old woman did you see where a woman, about this tall," Xena raises her hand "anywhere?" "Yes, I did she went that way," She says. "It's a one way road the only thing over there is a cave." "Okay thank you." says Toreen.

While then at the amazons camp Gabby has a little trouble hunting for some snipes "Umm,can someone come here and help me drag this thing back on the wagon?" Gabrielle said. After that they went fishing and as Gabby tries to fish she slips and falls into the river "AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!" Some amazons rushed over and pulls her out. "Are you alright?" One asked. "Oh fine just fine."

"This is the cave." Xena declares. "Let's go." They all walked in Xena explored the rocks and said "hhmmm..Hey I've found an opening!" Xena whirled around "Xena..." It was Callisto. She had just replaced the place where Salari and Toreen were standing with herself. "Long time no see" Callisto says as she walks around Xena "Haven't seen you since you trapped me in that lava bath and my it was refreshing!" "What have you done with Toreen and Salari. "Xena says drawing her sword. (Callisto draws hers) "Oh,them I put them......Up there!" She laughs as she points up to the two amazons tied together against a pole at the very top. Callisto then pulls out an knife and throws it up. "Okay now their down here" Callisto says with a smile. As they came flying down. "Ooooohhhhfff!!" "Oops!" She smiled. Xena said. "Where is Valasca and Ephiny?" "I don't know." Callisto said. Xena looked around the cave they were in and then. Callisto charged and they had a battle. "Xena! You've gotten better!" Callisto said. After Xena knocked her sword out of her hand. "But! Don't forget I'm a god!!" To which Xena replied "I won't." Callisto cornered Xena but Toreen jumped at her. "Toreen,stop!" Salari screamed. But she didn't and Callisto threw her off. "Ouch!" She cried. Toreen sat there and rubbed the back of her head as Salari stabbed Callisto in the back with her sword "Huh?"Salari muttered "As you can see,no blood I'm a god you fool!!YAH!"She pushed Salari away "YEEYEEYEEEYEEEYAAAAA!!!!"Xena called out and kicked Callisto in the stomach "Ouch!"Callisto grinned"Nice one Xena,YAH!"Callisto,remembering her godly powers shot at Xena but all that did was make the walls of the cave go down then they had a sword fight as the ceiling was cracking "Salari,Toreen run and go find Ephiny"said Xena "Wha-?" Toreen muttered "RUN!" So they did.

"Ugh.Can someone PLEASE help poor Leria get some wood for a fire?" Gabrielle asked "Okay!" Gabrielle and some of the amazons cut up some

fish."Uh,so you guys cannot have food without the queen here?" Gabby asked Arethany "No, not really it is because we ran out of food and it is the amazon way to have the queen get food from another village otherwise we hunt." "Oh."

"CALLISTO!We have to leave this cave!"Xena said as they klinked and unclinked swords "No!not til I get at you!" "Callisto,if you have to continue this battle then it will have to be outside!!" Callisto's sword then fell to the ground(Xena swiped it out of her hand)She picked it up. "Oh all right!"They rushed outside or at least Xena did Callisto disappeared."Callisto?"

Xena didn't know where to go she knew she had to find Salari and Toreen mbut she also was wondering where Callisto was,too. But she decided to find Salari and Toreen.She walked around to the opposite side of the cave and saw an opening she climbed in and ran inside.She heard 3 screams and looked around it was Ephiny,Salari,and Toreen."Valasca..." "Yes,Xena?" Xena turned and was face to face with a very angry looking goddess"Xena so good to see you where is the irratating blonde Gabrielle?" "I don't know" She replied. "Oh,well I don't need her any more I'm a god" "So I heard"Xena muttered "And trapping me in the lava run with that little weak pest Callisto didn't help my mood at all Bye,Xena"She pointed her hand at Xena and was just about to fire some lightning until Callisto knocked her over "Calling me a pest??"She said They started shooting stuff at each other and the cave was trembling as Xena threw her chakram at the ropes that tied the amazons together "Run!"

They kept running until they were out of the cave and they watched the mouth of the cave fall "It's another eternal battle between Calisto and Valasca"said Ephiny sighing "Come on let's go" Xena said.Halfway to the amazon village Ephiny said,"I feel like I'm being watched!" "You are.." a voice said. All 4 people turned around "Callisto."Xena said"Let's run!" And they do with Callisto in hot pursuit."You 3,get to your village and tell Gabrielle where I am" "Okay!" So the 3 amazons ran. Callisto chased Xena to an island Xena flipped on and so did Callisto they started a battle with their swords and of course Xena wins and watches Callisto vanish into the water. Xena then gets back to the amazon village and joins the festaval for Ephiny the new Queen of the amazons with the food that was hunted by Gabrielle and the rest of the amazons "Xena!What happened?"Gabby asked "It's a long story Gabrielle I'll tell you later." ****The ending scene has Xena and Gabrielle biting into fish stuff "Try this Xena."Gab says lady like "Thank you ,Gabrielle" Xena says bowing "I made it myself" Xena then spits it out.

****The End****

Author note:If any of you people like this story and know any producers at the MCA studio PLEASE send them a copy of this and tell them on to put my name on the opening credits as Karen "Kalisto" Tran (and yes spell it that way) Also tell them to add more detail to the scenes all of this doesn't add up to an hour.

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