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The Uncertainty of Dreams

by Dancyer McCoy

          I dreamed of adventure and you came along.

Through the trails and trials, you followed me.

Through the dangers, warlords, titans and gods.   

Evils you never imagined, yet you stayed.

These things we faced together, against all odds.

          I dreamed of being a bard and you encouraged me.

Your stories and fables and chatter

Brightened the darkness of my soul.

I learned more than I could imagine.

Your friendship made me whole.

          I dreamed of defending myself and you taught me how.

You accepted the caste right, not understanding.  

The young amazon warrior who will not kill.

You are now truly Melosa's chosen successor.  

A prodigy who has learned honor and skill.

          I dreamed of love and you released me to find it.

"Our friendship binds us closer than blood."

I know it will not be the same.

Nothing could deny that, my sister.  

But I know it will always remain.

          I dreamed of happiness and she destroyed it,

          I dreamed of revenge and you refused me,

          I dreamed of death and you both denied it.

          Now I dream not all. . . . .

I couldn't stop it, Gabrielle.  I'm sorry.

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