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Thoughts for Night

by Sundevil

Gods she is so peaceful when she sleeps. How does she manage to do that after the kind of day we've had? She was almost killed for the I don't even know how manyth time. When I first met her she would have been more likely to have been the one that needed defending, but today she was the one who ended up saving my life.

I still can't believe I actually missed seeing that rope lying there. Suddenly I was caught in a net, hanging ten feet from the ground. My sword was below me and my chakrum was out of reach. I was a sitting duck. Our attackers were nearing me. I closed my eyes and prepared myself for my final meeting with Hades. When the end did not come, I opened my eyes to find that the men were no longer approaching me. She had already taken the two out that had been sent to attack her and was now working on the others. The men faced their new opponent with a fresh view. Originally dismissing her as harmless, they saw her as a new threat. The leader signaled for two more men to attack her. She quickly had taken them both out that Amazon staff of hers. Two swift blows to the head and they were down for the count. She turned to face they remaining men. When they saw that she knew what she was doing, they decided that the raid was no longer worth the prize.

The leader was shocked and ordered his men to return. None did. He was left alone to face this young girl who didn't look as if she could hurt a living soul, but who knew enough about fighting to scare off his men. He didn't know what to think about this situation. I can't say that I blame him. Even I was taken back by the look in her eyes. It was one of cool rage that I had never seen before. It wasn't anger, she knew how to control that, but more of determination .

"Cut her down," was all she said. When the leader didn't move she advanced on him. "I said, cut her down." This time he did as she asked. "Now leave." After a minute, he did as she ordered. She came over and helped me out of the net and then handed me my sword. She then did something that surprised me. She smiled. I just looked at her for a moment and then I returned the look with one of my own. We said nothing about what had just taken place. There was nothing that needed to be said.

Now look at her. Sound asleep like an innocent child, safely tucked in bed at home. She is so beautiful in the firelight. It reflects so nicely off her reddish blonde hair, making it change colors almost magically. What would I have done if she hadn't been there today? In fact, what would I have done if she hadn't come into my life at all? She's my rock. Everyone thinks that I'm the strong one and that she is just a burden, but they are wrong. She's the strong one. She gives me the strength to continue my battles with the demons of my past.

How is it possible that she can even have a smile on her face? Where are the nightmares? She has seen so much evil in the world and yet she sleeps like that. She is truly blessed by the gods, if she can sleep through the night like she does. How long has it been since I've had a night of uninterrupted sleep?

A slight moan of pleasure comes from her as she moves to get more comfortable. I wonder who she's dreaming about now. The man she grew up with and eventually married? Or is it the man she saw, was it only last week, that makes her feel alive and treats her as an equal? Ahh, was I ever that innocent? Did I ever have dreams like those? Full of hope. It's been so long that I almost forget.

She's waking up. She always makes me feel so guilty for staying awake until nearly dawn. She acts like my mother sometimes with her concern over me, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

"Xena, why are you still up? You should get some sleep."

"I will, Gabrielle. Don't worry, I will."

And as the fire dies, the two woman sleep side by side, inseparable.

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