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From: jkendig

Our eyes meet, we smile, and continue todays journey.   

I find myself reflecting on our beginnings.  

Me, battling my internal war.   

My stumbling attempts to atone for my corrupt past, 

doubting I had the strength to persevere.  

I knew you didn't know what you were 

getting into when you followed me. 

I thought you a foolish dreamer, 

looking for an adventure before 

returning to the security of home 

and a loveless marriage.  

I didn't understand your strength then.   

A strength not of muscle or steel, but of spirit.  

The meshing of our lives was not without its trials.  

"Gods, will she ever shut-up?" I remember thinking.  

But soon I began to hear the wisdom in your words, 

and to feel the strength of your heart 

that became part of my healing.  

Your talk made me laugh, 

and your stories of our adventures helped me 

catch a piece of your contagious hope.  

You have changed from a girl 

who I felt needed baby-sitting, 

to a woman who can take care of herself, 

most of the time.   

Still a little naive, 

but I wouldn't have it any other way.  

People see us and often question our friendship.  

Has it gone into the physical realm?  Does it matter?  

The depth of what we share together 

goes beyond what most know as love, 

and I am truly sorry for them if they cannot understand.   

I do not know what I would do without you.  

I do not want to know.  

You have expanded my heart until I thought it would burst, 

and yet, still it grows under your gentle tutelage.

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