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Song of the Warrior Princess

by Philip Howell

And once again my secret stash of Xena memorabilia has revealed another of the lost poems of Xena and her friend Gabrielle. This time I have found a bardic song believed to have been written by Gabrielle, Heroic Bard. If so then this is the first of her famous tales of Xena, Warrior Princess to come to light.


                    SONG OF THE WARRIOR PRINCESS                 

                              by Gabrielle, Heroic Bard


               She was a Warrior fair,

                    Who assumed a prince's flair;

               Whilst in the battle's air,

                    The blood of Ares fired her.

               They sang stories of her deeds,

                    Not counting the widows weeds;

               Told of her strength. Indeed!

                    Sang of the Warrior Princess.

               Her strength was manifold,

                    Like that of the Gods of old,

               Her heart and blood ran cold;

                    Though her eyes appeared haunted.

               She rode a pale horse of doom,

                    'Cross fields enslaved in gloom,   

               The vanquished laid in their tomb;

                    Destroyer of Nations they called her.


               There once were men, now passed;

                    For her the loves did not last

               As ill humors of hate enmassed;

                    To enthrall her soul with power.

               She sought no love, no friend,

                    For the battle to her did lend

               A taste of life to depend;

                    She'd make do without another.

               And when she'd conquered them all,

                    Her heart could not recall

               The words to bespeak the fall

                    Of the frigid walls around it.

               So slowly o'er time found she,

                    Her heart laid bare to see,

               Her soul she'd lost. Not free!

                    Her life was but a mocking.

               Then in one pure bright revery,

                    Still clothed in war gored livery,

               She turned her back on battery;

                    Her future alone, disconnected.

               Until one day did she, 

                    Amidst the battle's lee,

               There save a girl for free!

                    Her fate turned back forever.

               So with this one good deed,

                    Her past of hate and greed,

               An end to it decreed;

                    The Warrior Princess no longer.

               Now since that fateful day,

                    I've sung her bardic lay,

               Told tales and songs quite gay;

                    Of my friend now simply Xena.

               And together we have been,

                    My warrior and I now kin.

               On my friend you may depend;

                    Redeemed by a quiet presence.


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