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Twas the Night Before Soltice!

by Becky Lutzke (deanlu)

Twas the night before Soltice, and all through the Pub

Every Xenite was stirring, even in the Hot Tub,

The Chakrums were hung by the fireplace with care,

In the hopes the Xena and Gabrielle would soon be there,

The Xenites were partying all around the Pub,

While GG danced her Tassle dance with yuletide love,

And Tippergirl in her leathers, and KeeWee in her sarong,

Had just settled down to listen to Ogras emotional song, 

When out on the Porch there arose such clatter,

Oklahoma sprang from the bar to see what was the matter,

Away to the Troll Door she flew like a flash,

Pulled out her choeboes and tripped over the Trash,

The moon shimmered down on the hopeful Xenites,

While ambrosia and AD got into a fight,

When, what to our wondering eyes, should appear,

But Argo galloping out of the darkness, heading straight for here.

With a tall mysterious rider, and a strawberry blonde sidekick,

I knew in a moment this wasnt a trick.

More rapid that than harpies, Argo galloped through the night,

And watching Gabrielle hang on was quite a sight!

They came to a stop at the door of the pub,

while Gabrielle swore, rubbing her Bub,

To the top of the porch, through the troll door they came,

Entering the Pub,  It will never be the same!

As silent as when you can hear a pin drop,

Emartin, in shock, fell over with a plop.

So Xena picked up Emartin and Okie,

And ordered them dagger daiquiries.

And then in a twinkling Gabby was playing Hissy hag darts,

Aiming deadly and accurate, beating Hellspark.

As Roo dodged a stray Chakrum, and Lasha dove to the ground,

Xena spun on her heal, catching it with barely a sound.

Dressed she was in the finest leather a dinar could buy,

She made Avondaleguy take a very deep sigh.  

A large bundle she had thrown over her back,

And Visitor and Insainer stumbled over each other to assist her with her 


Her eyes as blue as Ice, Her hair as black as night

She could see through you and tell if you were wrong or right.

She moved with cat like grace and her look froze you in place,

One nudge from Gabby though and a smile would cross her face.

On her back she carried the Sword of a Heroine,

And on her shoulders the weight of past sins.

A quick little smirk and a soft chuckle from her,

We all soon relaxed and knew her wrath we would not incur.

Larin presented her with a gift from us all,

Our endearing love so she could stand tall.

She enjoyed a Xena dark, while watching Ck swing in the rafters above,

Gabrielle regaled us with stories of there adventures, which we loved .

The Xena Blues, Xena Darks and Gabri-Ales flowed joyfully,

Songs were sung, new friends were made, and Xenites smiled Merrily.

Then motioning to Gabrielle and rising to leave,

She spoke those words we all wanted to believe.

New episodes soon, heroic deeds and bardic tales

Trust the writers, they will not fail.

And mounting Argo, She gave a whistle,

and off they flew, with the speed of a missle.

But I heard them exclaim, as they rode out of sight!

Merry Soltice to all and to all a Good Night!!

.......Xena Id rather walk!!


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