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Slumber Safe

by Judy (Wishes)

Slumber Safe

(Death of Perdicus)

Slumber safe--

'Though wrapped in death,

I bid thee slumber safe,

So safe and sound,

No noble speech will stir thee

Nor lack of blankets chill thee.

The ground is cold, I know,

But it's all we have,

Plus a bit of wonder

That such brilliant red turns brown. . . .

No, don't look down;

Imagination brings that frown.

"Have patience," Mother told me.

"Nothing lasts."

We fight wars

And sleep through peace.

Sometimes we mix our numbers,

But the cadence always rises,

No matter which one falls.

Don't call or cry.

I know your throat is dry.

The high mountains have a lake--

Who knows how deep?

Fish swim near the shore,

Cold-blooded, never cold.

I shiver just to think. . . .

That's right.

Lie still.

Lie still and slumber long.

Don't dream,

For when you wake,

You'll find the dream is gone.

Judy (Wishes)

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