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Nadir: Sins of the Past

by Wishes (Judy)

Gaze of not-quite-hope turned up,
Through mop of dirty hair,
He asks for food and calls me monster,
This boy, unknowing of who I am.
I give him what I have, some bread, some cheese,
Acknowledgement of guilt thrown in.
He's every innocent I've harmed.


So I ride on and choke on misplaced pride
And vaunted warrior code of honor.
Crawling in the dirt, my rightful place,
I bury all the emblems of my past.
Too bad that I can't bury me.
Don't fear; I'll find someone to do
That job for me, an enemy who'll
Prove my friend by ending all my sorrows.

What is that sound? Those cries?
Am I haunted still or is it real?
I hide and watch a play of bravery
Performed against such odds--
A young girl, armed with only love,
Calls upon herself a storm
Of insult and of pain.

So much valor in that frail form!
Can I quit while she fights on?
My courage and will I must unearth,
Most important of my weapons.
I'll live to fight today at least
Though death had seemed more pleasant.


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