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Inspired by Sins of the Past

by mizaru and Jezebel

A woman buries her armor
And the evil in her heart
But her skills are not useless
She's kept families from being torn apart

Gabrielle followed Xena
On the trek back to her home
And at the grave she pledged to her
She would no longer be alone

She eluded the blind Cyclops
By striking up a deal
To bring back the eyes of Xena
For his appetizing meal

When her home Xena had reached
She hoped forgiveness would abound
But in the eyes of all her kinsmen
Mistrust was all she found

The mob begins to stone her
And she will not put up a fight
The Bard comes to her rescue
And shows them what is right

To save her fellow villagers
In battle once again she'll stand
The warlord known as Draco
Would soon fall by her hand

The battle since is over
And Draco now will roam
Her mother then forgives her
And also welcomes Xena home

But Xena, she must ride again
To conquer a past she'd rather forget
She begins a long, hard journey
And she's taken but the first step

By her side now is Gabrielle
Talented Bard and loyal friend
Each with something to teach the other
Through a friendship that will never end

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