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If Ever. . . .

by Judy (Wishes)



If ever I would cause a hurt
That clouded those clear, green eyes
Or a wound to mar the innocent soul
That within your sweet breast lies,
Beside the guilt that I would feel,
All my prior sins would pale;
A darkness would engulf my heart;
My resolve to do good would fail.
If ever I would lose your love,
Cause your face to turn away,
I wouldn't care if my soul surrendered
Or if I lived another day.
But if every day I can cause some joy
To spark your luminous smile
And give you another reason
By my side to abide for a while,
The sting of my remorse will lessen;
The blackest regrets will fade;
With your bright soul's illumination,
I can travel this hard path I've made.
To deserve the love that you offer
And to never betray your trust,
I'll battle my own soul's dark purpose
For a thousand years if I must.


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