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How Much For the Chalice?

Part I

By Rhune



No one was actively hurt in this story.

Universal Studios owns Xena yadaydayda.

Reproduce it without consent means instant death.


"Gabrielle, we are not buying that!" informed Xena as they walked through Chapele’s market place.

Setting the doll down, Gabrielle responded, "Xena, you need to find the distinction from buying and looking. Learn to shop a little bit, and that, Xena, was looking."

"If you say so..." Xena said back with a sigh.

Walking down further, the two came across two guards hassling Joxer. "Listen, I didn’t do it," Joxer yelled at them, "The guy pushed me into the cart! I am Joxer! The Magnificent! You think I would be so clumsy as to fall over?"

One of the guards shoved Joxer with his left fist, "Either pay for the broken merchandise, or pay for it in the jail."

Xena watch the guards yell at Joxer, then looking around, a fleeing figure caught her eyes. She mumbled to Gabrielle, "Make sure they don’t take him away, I’ll be right back," as she started to walk towards the person who saw her and started to run.

Breaking into a run herself, she followed in close pursuit of the figure who finally stopped, and turning around, shouted, "Xena! Leave me alone, I have no quarrel with you!" He hid a few stolen things behind his back and laughed lightly.

Bringing out her sword and swinging it so it stopped at his throat, she said through gritted teeth, "Beginning to get clumsy again, eh Percedes? Do I have to straighten you out, again?"

Percedes trembled under the Warrior Princess’ stare, and after a poke of her sword, started marching back towards Joxer and the guards saying, "Of course not Xena! I was simply, umm....examining these fine gifts! Heh heh..."

When they reached the fallen cart, Xena came up to the guards and spoke, "This man was the one who stole and pushed the man into the cart, and he will pay for everything broken and stolen..."

"I will??" Percedes whined.

Pointing her sword at him again, "Oh yes, you will."

Chuckling forcefully, he said, "Of course I will!" Percedes paid the peddler and as the crowd disbanded slowly, Xena turned to Percedes and said, "Percedes, what are you doing back out on the street? Last time I say you-"

"I was sitting in a cell in Athens, Yes I know..." Percedes finished for her. "But I got out, Xena, and a guys gotta make a honest living!"

"Stealing and pushing people to cover up is hardly what I call honest!" blurted Gabrielle angrily.

Then Joxer said, "And I have half a mind to kill you where you stand, but Joxer the Magnificent is feeling merciful today..."

Percedes pointed a thumb back at Joxer, while saying to Xena, "And....hes your friend?"

"More like a parasite, comon, Percedes, lets go!" replied Xena, taking Percedes wrist.

Percedes struggled saying, "Where are we going?"

Xena smile at him with a laugh, "To the jail...Of course!"

Twisting his arm frantically, Percedes snapped out of Xena’s grip, and broke into a fast paced run down the market place street. People screamed and moved out of his way as he barged through the crowds, with the Warrior Princess once again on his tail.

"You won’t get away this easy Percedes!" laughed Xena.

"Watch me!" shouted back Percedes as he tipped over a fruit cart behind him, spilling oranges and apples everywhere. Xena jumped up, offering a small war cry, and easily flipped over the cart and rolling fruit with ease.

"You’ll have to do better than that, Percedes!" shouted Xena triumphantly. At that moment, Percedes turned a corner and when Xena leaped around it, Percedes was no where to be seen.

Taking out her sword, Xena looked through every building carefully, until she came to a poster on the wall with a picture of Percedes. Under it read,


The Thief Percedes

for stealing the Golden Chalice of Chapele.

Preferred alive, but dead is workable to.’


As Gabrielle and Joxer ran up to her, Xena could just tell, this was gonna be a long day...

To Be Continued...