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The Great Black Wolf

by Daffyette

She walked through the forest

but unbeknownst to her

there was a great wolf stalking

with thick, ragged fur


His fangs they were like knives

his claws were with might

and his eyes and his pelt

were as black as blackest night

and he thought to himself

"She won't put up much of a fight"


Then her friend she came running

like a bat out of hell

she cut the beast down

and to the ground he fell


The taller one said

"Will you be ok?"

"I'll be alright"

I heard the smaller one say


Then they walked on

these two strong friends

and that's how the Great Black Wolf

came to his horrible end


Author's note:To those who didn't catch on the woman who "came running like a bat out of hell" was the Almighty Xena. And the woman being stalked was, of course, Gabrielle.

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