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Gabrielle's Story

by Tim Wellman

Sometimes I watch her when she's sleeping,
and wonder, in her dreams,
what worlds, plain or fantastic, she walks without me.
Does she return to battles past
and lost from waking memory
to fight again,
or does she dream of quiet walks by the sea?
I know we lose the dream by waking up,
and, sometimes the things we forget, matter;
but dreams are worlds we leave behind
with every step we take,
and the destination is not as important as the journey.
But there is a glow, sometimes, in her eyes when she wakes,
and I know there is a part of her I can never possess,
a path we can not travel together;
and for a moment I am jealous of her sleep.
But what foolish thoughts!
Dream on, Xena--in whatever world you find yourself,
I will be here when you return.

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