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From The Dead I Came Back

by: Daffyette

(Gabrielle's POV of her "death" in _Is There a Doctor in the House?_)

The look on your face when I opened my eyes
"What happened?" I had thought with a fright
then my heart filled with fear as I remembered
who I'd fought on that horrible night

Did he fight with a knife or did he fight with a sword?
the details are gone from my mind
but I remembered the pain and suffering he caused me
and to the young and the innocent and the kind

He slit that poor boy's throat
right in front of my face
I tryed to get away from him
but I guess he toke to the chase

I must have blacked out
when I woke I was no longer outdoors
and though inside I was
I was chilled to the core

"I give you my Right of Caste"
I had said to my friend
but she wouldn't accept it
not even in the very end

When I fell asleep my dreams were troubled
then a sudden calm came over me
my troubled dreams had gone away
and I felt as if floating in waveless sea

Then a strange sight, Marcus
but he'd been dead for over a year
and then I realized what happened
my eyes, they filled with tears

"But it's not your time to go"
he said when I came near
"You cannot leave her all alone
and her thoughts I know you can hear"

I saw the look of despair on your face in my mind
"No!" I remember I had said
"I have to go back to the land of the living!
I cannot, no, will not stay dead!"

Then blackness
and the pain washed over me
then I felt a sudden force on my chest
and that force is what forced me to breathe

Then I awoke suddenly
choking and gasping for air
when I looked up at your face, it no longer had
that painful look of loss and despair

I learned something that
and I'll tell you this one small fact
that that was the day
from the dead I came back

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