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For The Love of Gods!

by Azriel
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Chapter 1

Open to : Xena and Gabrielle walking along a sunny forest path. Gabrielle appears to be sharing her latest story with the Warrior Princess. Suddenly a tall auburn haired woman darts onto the path, runs up to Xena and begins to speak.

Woman(panicky): I am Daphne of the forest!He's coming and I hate him!!! Hide me, please you must!

Xena: Wait a minute calm down. First of all who is he and why is he after you?

Daphne: HE is Apollo!

Gabrielle(puzzled): Who's Apollo?

Xena(looks at Gabrielle): A friend. Apollo is the god of light and truth. A while back I helped him defend all the villages under his rule from an invasion.

Gabrielle(staring at Daphne): Okay, but that still doesn't explain why he's after you.

Daphne(very panicky): Because he loves me and I hate him!

We hear distant footsteps and a man's voice shouting " Honey come here I love you" as loud as he possibly can.

Xena: Isn't your father Helios?

Gabrielle: Who's Helios?

Daphne: He is the sun god and he's my father! Please hide me! You see he lives in a golden palace and is rich, he's also a very warm person and....

Gabrielle: Obviously!

More yells and footsteps

Daphne: We must hurry, he's almost here!

Gabrielle: Alright I have an idea!

More yells

Daphne(frantic): Hurry up, he's almost here!

Gabrielle(searching through a bag hanging on Argo's side): OK now let's see what Gabrielle the master of diguises can do for you. Um chakram polish...dinar sorting machine look at this! I can't remember one of us taking this!

Xena: What?

Gabrielle: That goblet that Bacchus was using to make the women into full-fledged Bacchi! I mean it's pretty but now I've become a klepto!

Xena: Gabrielle, what will I ever do with you? You didn't steal it! It was given to you by a former Bacchi as a thank you present for freeing her,you were delirious at that moment and just don't recall it.

Gabrielle:Oh. OK here goes nothing! Rope and.....blanket! Daphne can you come here for a second....

Fade to a man sitting on a throne. He is ambushed from behind by soldiers and is thrown into a cell. A look-alike man walks in and laughs.

Man(talking into cell opening): Hello Helios I am Phaeton. Thank you for the palace. I find it comfortable. Now, I know Xena loves you as a father and it's too bad that I am going to use that love to destroy you all! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Fade to commercial

Chapter 2

Fade to Xena walking along the path with a very tall and wobbly and not to mention stupid-looking cloaked thing. A man enters the path and speaks.

Man: Hello Xena, have you seen Daphne?

Xena Hello Apollo (puts on a false bewildered look): Who's Daphne?

Apollo: My one and only!

Daphne(from under the cloak) Yeah right dork your one and only...

She stops because Gabrielle who is on her shoulders kicks her hard. They wobble and almost topple over. Apollo's attention is then brought to Gabrielle and Daphne in their strange guise.

Apollo(looking at Xena): Who is that?

Xena: My best friend Gabrielle.

Apollo: Hello Gabrielle! Have you seen Daphne?

Gabrielle: No.

Apollo: Alright well, see you later ladies! If you see her let me know Okay?

Xena: Don't worry we will. Bye now.

Apollo(as he runs into a tree): Ok Bye Xenaaaoooowww.

Xena: You watch out for those trees alright?

Apollo(already off the path): Ok I will,bye Xena Bye Gabrielle see you soon!

It is a good thing he left when he did, because at that moment , Daphne tripped over a rock and both her and Gabrielle landed on their butts. Xena tries hard not to laugh as they fight through blankets for what seemed an eternity.

Daphne: Thank you so much!!! Now I can avoid him for at least three more hours!!! I owe you!

Gabrielle/Xena: No problem!

Daphne: Is there anything I can do for you before I go?

Xena: Yes! Stay away from Apollo!

Daphne: Ok bye and thanks again!

She disappears in the opposite direction of Apollo.

Xena(mumbling): Helios.

Gabrielle: Xena do you know him?

Xena: Yes. Long ago before I was a warrior, he was my fathers best friend. Helios often used to visit us with gifts and stories. He was like a second father to me. If I ever needed to talk to someone he was always there for me. Then I had to fight and I only saw him once after that. I was debating what to do with my life in the period just before I was a Warlord. He came to me and told me to do whatever I desired and that I had his blessing. He then said he loved me like a daughterand was gone. He is the kindest person ever and you will like him if ever you meet him.

Gabrielle: What do you mean if ever I meet him? Aren't we stopping by?

Xena: No!

Gabrielle: XENA! I thought you said he loves you?

Xena: He does, but I can't face him after my past! I destroyed hundreds of lives. No one,not even Helios could accept that!

Daphne walks onto the path.

Daphne: No Xena, that"s where you're wrong, he does love you and always will! He speaks your name constantly and when I heard it, that is when I decided to tag along. He would be so happy if you walked into his palace.. He accepts you and your past....he knows you do only good now, Xena...

Xena: I Can't!!!

Daphne: XENA PLEASE!!!!

Xena: I-I Would but my past makes it impossible I just can't.

Daphne runs off as a tear rolls down Xena's cheek. Xena is afraid of what Helios would think of her life before she changed, but to be so close to a loved one and not see almost unbearable. They enter a small village with Xena still crying and Gabby trying desperately to console her...

Fade to.. the palace a few hours later...

Phaeton sits on a throne laughing gleefully as some guards beat a man and throw him into the dungeon with the king.

Man: Helios!?!

Helios: Yes it's me, that man is a fake! What is he doing out there?

Man: I know, Phaeton is going to kill you , Daphne and Xena. He uses you all like pawns in a game of chess!

Helios(happier): Xena?! Xena's here!

Man: Yes Xena. She arrived hours ago. Phaeton sees her as a kink in his plot to rule so he is using you and Daphne to Bait trap and kill her!

Helios: That is irrelevant! He will not succeed with her around! ahh Xena will finally see her again! after all this time...

Man: Shhh listen! He is Scheming!

Fade to Phaeton sitting on the Golden throne

Phaeton: Well let him in idiot!!!

With that a winged man enters the chamber

Phaeton: Son of Venus! Your work pleases me! You have proved excellent at diverting Daphne's attention from Helios so I could take over!

Cupid: Thank you your twistedness! Would you like me to shoot them with the antidote arrows?

Phaeton: Yes Cupid that will work perfectly in my plot only one thing left to do...

Cupid: Oh and what is that?

Phaeton: Kill Xena! COme on we leave now!

Fade to commercial

Chapter 3

Fade to Xena with Gabrielle and Daphne in a tavern. Xena is now calm and collected and is talking with her two friends.

Daphne: Father will be glad you changed your mind about visiting.

Xena: I'm glad I did too! It will be great to see him again.

Gabrielle: Now if only we could take care of Apollo.

Daphne(shudders): Don't even say his name!

Xena: Did you always dislike him so much?

Daphne: No, actually we were in love until yesterday when we were at the river. A ll of the sudden we felt as if we were shot by arrows and then passed out. He woke up obsessed with me and I woke up not liking him and I had the terrible feeling of not knowing why.

Xena: I bet I know why.

Gabrielle: Let me guess..the why lives around here too right?

Xena: Yes, and the why is Cupid. Now Daphne, you go get loverboy and the three of us can have a talk with Mr. Homewrecker himself and see if he will stop his little game.

Apollo walks in

Apollo: Daphne! There you are!!

Daphne: Yes, now listen to me. We are going to go have a talk with Mr. Homewre... I mean Cupid so we can be normal again.

Apollo: Aren't we now?

Daphne: No! Now come on! The sooner the better.

They all exit the tavern

Fade to the four walking along a mountain path.

Xena: He Lives in a Temple inside that cave up ahead.

Gabrielle: What is that glimmer on the other side of the mountain?

Xena: That, Gabrielle, is the palace of the sun god.

Gabrielle: Oh...look at those two love birds back thare!

Xena turns around just in time to see Apollo blow Daphne a kiss and then Daphne in return punch Apollo. Daphne screams " knock it off! I told you might marry you after we visit Cupid!"Fine then be that ooooowww" He clutches an invisible wound and falls to his knees as does Daphne. Cupid then flies down and gathers them up and flies off in the direction of the palace.Then the sky lights up as Xena and Gabrielle(completely stunned) turn around to find themselves staring at a man in a golden chariot with horses that are made out of fire.

Xena: Helios?

Phaeton: No but you are close ! I am Phaeton and you are DEAD!!!!

He rides off laughing as 5 giant scorpions emerge from the temple. The scorpions speed toward Xena who can't seem to locate Gabrielle right now. The scorpions are closing in fast!

Fade to Phaeton in the throne room as he watches two guards throw Apollo, Daphne and then Cupid into the prison cell.

Cupid: Phaeton you liar!!! You promised me half the kingdom and all the gold I could ever want!!!

Phaeton: Well you pitiful little fool! I lied didn't I! Now you will die like the rest!!!

Fade to Xena with the scorpions.

Xena(as she chops off three scorpions' stingers and kills 2 with her sword): Gabrielle! ( she kills the third and severs the stinger from a fourth) GABRIELLE!!!( she kills the fourth and looks around, not seeing the fifth she is beginning to worry about Gabrielle)!

EEEEEEEE the fifth scorpion charges out from the undergrowth but it's attack falls short a large rock falls on it and Gabrielle jumps down from the ledge she pushed the rock from.

Xena(proud of Gabrielle): Excellent Gabrielle!

Gabrielle: Thanks but I shouldn't have gone looking for a better weapon so suddenly.

Xena: Don't worry about it! Come on, now we go to the palace and stop Phaeton from doing any more harm.

They walk off towards the Palace

Fade to commercial

Chapter 4

Fade to Daphne and Apollo awake. They are back in love having had their emotions restored to normal, and they have just realized their surroundings. Cupid is in the corner screaming" Liar" again and again.

Daphne: Father!

Helios: Daphne! And Apollo!!

Daphne: Yes it's us. Father...this man has tricked us!

Helios: Yes, he all we can do is watch..and wait!

Fade to Xena and Gabrielle hiding behind a rock in front of the palace. 10 guards are on patrol.

Xena: On three.

Gabrielle: Okay

Xena: 1......2......3! Iyiyiyiyiyiyi!!!

They spring from behind the rock and Xena swings around a pillar and kicks and knocks out 7 of the guards. Gabrielle beats up 2 of the remaining guards and Xena jumps in front of the last, poised to attack. A wet spot appears on the guard's pants as he turns and runs as fast as he can the other way.

Xena: Sissy.

Gabrielle: Now what?

Xena: We enter the palace and go find and stop Phaeton!

They run into the palace.

Fade to the throne room

Phaeton( looking at the only two guards left): Xena is coming! Prepare the prisoners!!!

Fade to Cupid,Daphne,Apollo,Helios, and the man, trapped in a huge hour glass that is almost 6 inches thick. It is filling up with jexels very quickly. Xena and Gabrielle run into the room.

Phaeton: Xena! So glad you could make it! Perhaps you too would think this a death fit for a King! Two of them to be exact!

The prisoners are now up to their waists in jewels. The two remaining guards run in, one toward Xena and one toward Gabrielle. They are each greeted with a very hard kick to the heads which puts them down for the count. Phaeton and Xena start to sword fight. Gabrielle whacks him in the back of the head with her staff. Annoyed, he turns to Gabrielle and approaches her. Gabrielle, not at all intimidated by him, taunts and teases him. That gives Xena enough time to throw her chakram at the hourglass and shatter it. The man, Daphne, Apollo, and Helios bound out. Gabrielle runs to them as Xena resumes her fight with Phaeton.

Gabrielle: Good! You're alright. Where's Cupid?

Up Here calls a voice.

Everyone looks up and sees Cupid on a perch high up, with his bow ready to shoot. It is aimed at Phaeton.

Phaeton: You traitor!

Cupid: You would know wouldn't you!

Phaeton: No don't! You...

Cupid(mocking): I lied!

With that Xena runs to the ex-prisoners and knocks them to the floor.

Xena: Don't look!

Cupid releases his bow and an arrow flies into Phaeton's heart.

Cupid: No more lies Phaeton, No more games, No more hurt!

Phaetonn writhes around on the floor and becomes transparent.

Phaeton: NOOOOOOO I am pure evil!! The love will destroy me!

Cupid: Good!

He sets on fire and then explodes in a blinding flash of green light. Cupid flies down to Xena and the group.

Cupid: Xena,Helios, I-I'm sorry! I waas naive! I thought I could convert him to the ways of love. I was blinded by his cruel ways. I'm so sorry.

Xena: It's okat, it was a mistake. We all make them.

Helios: I forgive you, but you still must apologize to all the villagers whose lives were at stake.

Cupid: Thank you! May the gods bless you!

He flies off.

Xena: Helios, In my past..

Helios: Xena, It doesn't matter. Now come on, we must celebrate!

Fade to Xena hugging Helios.

Xena: Thank you for the party. I'll miss you.

Helios: I'll miss you too, but if you are ever in the area, feel free to stop by.

Xena: I will, believe me, I will.

She smiles.

They wave and walk down the path. Suddenly, there is a rustling in the bushes. They ready themselves to attack and then Joxer jumps out of the bushes. Xena and Gabrielle look at each other and roll their eyes.

Xena/Gabrielle(in unison): Come on idiot!

Joxer: Hey! My name is Joxer!

Xena/Gabrielle: We know.

Fade out

The End

(Scott Boucher)

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