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Forgetfulness of Sleep

by Judy (Wishes)

Struggling upward from the darkness,
I burst the bonds of sleep
To wake in dusty dawn.
Stifling a cry
Left from my dream,
I look for you.
The ground where you should lie
Is empty,
Bereft of your small from
And gentle spirit,
As is my heart.

I curse forgetfulness of sleep
That, each waking day,
This discovery awaits me:
You are forever gone,
And dreams of you
Are all I'll ever hold.
A cry tears from my throat
And rends my breast
With longing.
Oh, that it were a sword.

I hear a tender voice
And wake to see
The sky still dark.
Firelight plays with your fair hair,
Turning every strand
To precious gold.
Ah, my delight, you live still.
My breath comes hard,
Struggling back
From life without you.
You enfold my head,
Like an infant,
In your sweet arms
And rock and sing,
Unafraid of me.
You think I won't remember,
And, when dawn replaces night,
I'll pretend that you are right.

Judy (Wishes)

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