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First Encounter

by Richi

Gabrielle: This is so boring.

Callisto: Better out here than in there.

Gabrielle: I'm not going back.

Callisto: Me neither. That temple is so hot and stuffy.

Gabrielle: Stinks too. Everybody's all sweaty in there.

Callisto: I don't care if my mom gets mad at me. I'd rather be grounded than spend all day in that place.

Gabrielle: I told my mom that I had to go really bad.

Callisto: I didn't tell my mom anything. I just left.

Gabrielle: You're really gonna be in a lot of trouble.

Callisto: I don't know why we have to come here. I hate this city! There's nothing to do unless you're a grownup.

Gabrielle: It takes days to get here from where we live. Then we just stay two days, and then we gotta go all the way back home. I hate the ride. Just sitting in that wagon all day.

Callisto: It takes my family a long time to get here too. I don't know what all the fuss is about. They just sit there and worship some stupid statue.

Gabrielle: It's not just a stupid statue. That's Zeus. And you better be careful what you say.

Callisto: Why? I don't care about some dumb god. I never see him. He never does anything for me.

Gabrielle: That's not true! He helps you all the time. He just does it all invisible.

Callisto: That's make believe.

Gabrielle: Is not! You better stop because if Zeus hears you, he'll shoot a lightning a bolt at you. And then you'll go to Tartarus forever!

Callisto: I bet your mom told you that stuff. Didn't she?

Gabrielle: My mom wouldn't make all that up!

Callisto: Oh yeah?! Watch this. HEY ZEUS! YOU'RE A BIG ,FAT, STUPID, UGLY, OLD FATHEAD...

Gabrielle: No! Cut it out! You're gonna get us killed!


Gabrielle: Please, stop it!!

Callisto: You see? Nothing.

Gabrielle: Wow...

Callisto: Parents sometimes tell you stuff just to scare you.

Gabrielle: Why would they want to do that?

Callisto: Use your head! They want to scare you so you'll always behave. But it doesn't work on me!

Gabrielle: You're really brave.

Callisto: Yeah. You can't let people push you around. You gotta be tough.

Gabrielle: I wish I was tough.

Callisto: It takes practice.

Gabrielle: I can't believe my mom would lie to me like that. She's probably just doing it for my own good.

Callisto: Did she ever tell you that it's wrong to lie?

Gabrielle: Oh yes. It's one of the great sins.

Callisto: Well, what do you think she did when she told you all that stuff about the lightning bolts?

Gabrielle: You're right...

Callisto: They all think just because we're girls, we're dumb.

Gabrielle: No. My parents never said I was dumb.

Callisto: Neither did my mine. But they told me I need to stay pretty so someday, a man will fall in love with me and marry me and take care of me for the rest of my life. They think I'm dumb.

Gabrielle: So what's so bad about getting married?

Callisto: I don't want some stupid man taking care of me and telling me what to do! I'm not dumb! I can do everything myself!

Gabrielle: But don't you want to fall in love? Love is supposed to be the best thing of all.

Callisto: That's another lie they want you to believe. It's just a trick to make us have babies so we have to take care of them, and so the men can go out and do whatever.

Gabrielle: I don't mind that. I like babies.

Callisto: You see? They got to you already. But not me. I'll never be tricked. Ever!

Gabrielle: You really think it's a trick? Like they just want to keep me dumb so I'll do what ever they say?

Callisto: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Gabrielle: I don't know. I always kind of wanted to be a warrior.

Callisto: Well, how many warriors do you know are girls?

Gabrielle: None really.

Callisto: Because there aren't any. Girls are just too busy making babies and having men telling them what to do! They'd never let you be a warrior.

Gabrielle: My dad did tell me one time that it was stupid of me to think I wanted to be a warrior.

Callisto: HA! There you have it! Your dad does think you're dumb!

Gabrielle: Just for that one thing.

Callisto: But you said he didn't think you could be a warrior, right? What do you think he wants you to do for the rest of your life, then?

Gabrielle: He never really said...But my mom did say I'd make a good mother...Oh gosh. You're right! They are trying to trick me!

Callisto: Just like how all the other girls in the world are tricked.

Gabrielle: Not me! They're not going to get me. I'm going to run away!

Callisto: We should run away together!

Gabrielle: Yeah! But what would we do for jobs?

Callisto: Whatever we want!

Gabrielle: In that case I want to be a queen.

Callisto: You stupid! A queen isn't a job. You have to be born a queen! I'm going to be a warrior.

Gabrielle: That was my idea!

Callisto: So? You can be a warrior too!

Gabrielle: I'm going to be a warrior queen!

Callisto: Are you deaf? I just said you can't be a queen!

Gabrielle: A warrior queen isn't the same thing as being a queen. You don't have to be born a warrior queen.

Callisto: Well, what is a warrior queen anyway?

Gabrielle: It's like the same thing as a warrior king except you're a girl.

Callisto: Warrior queen. I like that. Okay, we can both be warrior queens then.

Gabrielle: But we can only kill bad people.

Callisto: Yeah. We can go adventuring around the country helping people. And then we can charge 'em and become rich!

Gabrielle: We can't charge them! Heroes aren't supposed to get paid.

Callisto: What would we do for money then?

Gabrielle: Adventurers don't use money. They just live off the fat of the land.

Callisto: We have to buy clothes and weapons though.

Gabrielle: I didn't think of that.

Callisto: How about if we just charge the rich ones just enough so we can buy the important things?

Gabrielle: Okay. That sounds good to me.

Callisto: We'll need horses.

Gabrielle: My dad's got some extra horses at home!

Callisto: How will we get to your house?

Gabrielle: I know! I'll just go home with my parents, and you can hide in the wagon under a blanket or something! There's a lot of junk back there so they won't see you.

Callisto: But you said it takes days to get to your house!

Gabrielle: I'll sneak you some food!

Callisto: That'll work. And then we'll take your dad's horses and ride over to my place. We keep some swords and knives and stuff in the house. It's just for decoration, but we could use it to start off with.

Gabrielle: But wait. Wouldn't that be stealing?

Callisto: You said the horses belonged to your dad, right?

Gabrielle: Yeah.

Callisto: Well then, it isn't really stealing, is it?

Gabrielle: No. I guess not. Where will we go after your house?

Callisto: Wherever we want! We're free remember? We can go to Scyros, Delphi, wherever!

Gabrielle: I always wanted to go to Sparta!

Callisto: We'll travel to Sparta, then Crete, then Persia...

Gabrielle: Rome! How about Rome?! I bet there'll be bunch of bad guys there for us to fight!

Callisto: We'll journey all the way to the end of the world!

Gabrielle: You mean Egypt?

Callisto: And then next month we'll...

Gabrielle: Wow! I'm so excited!

Callisto: Me too! Let's write all the plans out and...uh oh....

Gabrielle: What's wrong?

Callisto: I think I just heard my mother calling me.

Gabrielle: Oh no! My mom is probably looking for me too.

Callisto: They probably finished the prayer already. We better go.

Gabrielle: Our parents are really going to be mad that we didn't come back.

Callisto: I'm grounded for sure.

Gabrielle: My mom will never let me go anywhere by myself again.

Callisto: Maybe if I just tell her I was worshipin' from far away.

Gabrielle: You better tell her the truth. You'll be in worse trouble if she knows.

Callisto: I think I just heard her again.

Gabrielle: You better hurry.

Callisto: Yeah, you too.

Gabrielle: Okay. Well, bye then.

Callisto: Yeah. Bye.

Gabrielle: Maybe I'll see you again sometime.

Callisto: Yeah, maybe.


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