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Xena and Gabrielle Meet Star Trek: DS9

by WarriorKing

Disclaimer: This story contains mild violence, nothing that should be too upsetting to anyone.

-Bajoran space, Stardate 41523.3 (the year 2373), Federation Space Station Deep Space 9

It was a plain and boring day on the old Cardassian space station for Captain Benjamin Sisko and the rest of his senior officers. No activity by the Founders or by the Klingons. It was getting late in the Control Room where Dax was busy monitoring the sensors.

"Benjamin," said Commander Jadzia Dax, Trill who has the memories of seven life-times, "its getting late, would you like to have some dinner?"

"No thanks, old man, I promised Jake I would make him a fancy home cooked meal. Maybe another night."

"Hey, you're the Captain, Captain."

As the shifts came to changing, Captain Sisko retreated to his and Jake's quarters. As he walked in he saw the face of his son, who had almost out-grown his father. Jake was a good young man, he was kind person, but one who had suffered losses. It had been around four or five years since he lost his mother in the bloody battle with the Borg, Wolf 359. That battle saw the end of thirty-nine Federation ships and nearly ten-thousand lives.

"Hey Dad, busy day?" Jake said with the usual smile on his face.

"Nowhere near. A boring day at the office if nothing else. I'm going to go change out of this uniform and then we'll start some home cooking."

"Great," Jake said in response.

Just as the Captain was walking toward his room, the all-too familiar voice of his first officer, Major Kira Neryss came over the intercom.

"Captain, I think you'd better get up here, Sir. We have a little problem."

"Acknowledged," said the Captain.

"Jake..." before he could finish his son cut him off.

"Don't worry Dad, I understand, duty calls."

"You're a great kid, Jake. Well, I mean, great MAN."

Jake smiled, but Benjamin could see his son was disappointed.

"Tomorrow night, I promise," said the captain on his way out the door.

As Benjamin entered the Control Room he looked at the view screen. He was shocked to see a huge glowing cloud rolling outside the station.

"What is that?" he said to his officers.

"It appears to be an energy cloud of some sort. There's a lot of interference, the sensors are having a hard time penetrating it to get detailed readings," said Dax.

Commander Worf, the station's Strategic Operations Officer decided to speak up.

"Captain, I suggest we send out a Level 2A Sensor Probe. Its shielding and neutronic subspace signal projector will be able to penetrate that much interference."

"He's right Benjamin," said Dax.

"Good, ready the probe and send it out."

The probe was fired from the station and sent into the core of the energy cloud.

"We are beginning to receive information from the probe. We're getting audio and video, Benjamin," said Dax.

"On screen," ordered the Captain.

Then upon the screen appeared sereen and beautiful landscapes. They saw two strange looking women. One was clad in leather and armor with weaponry riding a horse. The other, dressed in a skirt wrap carrying a single staff. The audio began coming through.

"Xena, I don't understand why you won't let me pamper Argo a bit. She needs a good grooming. Maybe a little soap to that hair and a little bit of brushing," said the smaller woman with the staff.

"Gabrielle, this is my horse, I will do what I please," said the Warrior Woman to her friend looking down from the steed.

Staring shocked and confused at what he was witnessing Captain Sisko mumbled his officers,

"People? People living in an energy cloud in space?"

"Benjamin, we're getting more readings from the probe. Amazing, the cloud is a massive temporal disturbance," said Dax.

"Look," said the Major.

Just then, on the screen, they saw a small building of sorts, with columns in front.

"Wait a minute," said the Captain, "I recognize that, it's Ancient Greek architecture. But it looks brand new. If this is a temporal disturbance, we might be looking right into Ancient Greece."

"Amazing," said Worf, in his low-tone.

Sisko, speaking to the computer, "Computer, give all information pertaining to a Xena and Gabrielle from Ancient Greece.

"Xena and Gabrielle," said the computer, "according to scrolls discovered in the twentieth century, Xena was a powerful and agile Warrior Princess. She was one of the greatest warriors in the ancient mythology. She had several legendary exploits. Her traveling companion, Gabrielle of Potedeia, was a hopeful bard who accompanied Xena on all of her adventures.

"Fascinating," said Sisko.

"Oh no," said Dax, "Benjamin we have a problem."

"What is it?" the Captain questioned.

"The cloud..its..coming toward us."

"What!?" said Sisko.

"Captain," said Worf, "its very possible that this energy cloud is also an energy- absorbing cloud. The station gives off several forms of energy. It is probably hungry."

"He's probably right, Captain," said Kira.

The captain thought about what his next move would be. Then, he decided he had no choice. He went over the intercom.

"Attention all senior officers. Report to the Defiant immediately. Only senior officers."

"Why only senior officers, Benjamin?" said Dax.

"If that thing is as powerful as I think, we're in a lot of trouble. No need to kill senior and junior officers."

Moments later, the senior staff: Lt. Commander Worf, Lt. Commander Dax, Major Kira, Cheif O'Brien, Constable Odo, Dr. Bashir, and, of course, Captain Sisko, all reported ready onboard the U.S.S Defiant.

"Detach locking clamps," ordered the Captain. "This is just what I love doing when I should be eating dinner with my son."

"Captain, the energy cloud is dangerously close to the station," said Worf.

"Ready the energy bursts," said the Captain.

"Ready," said the Cheif.

"Send out the first bursts," ordered the Captain.

The cloud was attracted to the energy bursts. It left its previous prey in search of this new target. The energy bursts were steady from the Defiant. But, soon the cloud wanted more. It wanted what was in the Defiant.

"Captain, it appears to be working. The cloud is being drawn away from DS9, but its coming straight for us," said Worf.

Suddenly, the cloud began moving faster toward the Defiant.

"Captain, its speeding up," said Worf.

"Turn us about, full impulse!" said the Captain.

"Moving full impulse," said Dax.

"Captain, its matching our speed!" said Worf.

"Warp one, GO!" cried the Captain.

"Engaging at warp!" cried Dax as she activated the warp drive.

"Captain, the cloud is still matching our speed," said Worf, "Sir, I once heard Commander Data, on the Enterprise, say that since energy is free from the limitations of matter, it can travel anywhere at any velocity."

"You mean to tell me that that thing can go beyond warp ten?" asked the Captain.

"Aye, Sir," responded Worf.

"Captain," said the Chief, "maybe we could use the wormhole. If we lead it back to the wormhole, maybe it will become so confused in all that energy that it might devour itself."

After a moment of consideration..

"Its worth a shot," said the Captain. "Set a return course to the station, warp 3."

Moments later, the Defiant returned to the station with the energy cloud hot on its tail. As they headed for the wormhole, the cloud grew weary of this game of cat-and-mouse. It blasted toward them and in a single momentary surge engulfed the Defiant.

"WHAT'S HAPPENING!?" cried the Captain.

"IT HAS ABSORBED US, SIR!" responded Mr. Worf.


Those were the painful screams of the crew onboard the Defiant, as they were ripped out of there own reality and hurdled through space and time into the distant past. Near the station only the drifting empty carcass of the Defiant was left. Then in a bright flash of powerful energy, the cloud annihilated the station and all ships nearby. Then, the cloud vanished.

-Ancient Greek Woodlands, circa 2000 B.C.

"Xena, how much longer to Epiria?" said the young bard, Gabrielle. While looking about at the beautiful scenery.

"Not too long, maybe four or five hours," responded Xena the great Warrior Princess.

Then, with a surge of monstrous energy and a blinding flash the senior staff of the Defiant was deposited on the green grass. Xena drew her sword and leaped down from Argo.

"Who are you!? What are you doing here!?" said Xena.

"Hey, you're Xena and you're Gabrielle, aren't you?" said Major Kira.

"Do we know you?" asked Gabrielle.

"No, but we know you," said the Captain. "My name is Captain Benjamin Sisko, these are my senior officers: Major Kira Neryss, Lt. Commander Worf, Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax, Dr. Julian Bashir, Cheif Miles O'Brien, and Constable Odo. We are, I suppose, from around four and a half thousand years in the future."

"What?" said Xena stunned by what this strange man had just said.

"I am the commanding officer of a station far, far away from Earth." said Sisko.

"Okay, okay," said Xena, "so basically you are from the distant future. And just how did you manage to get yourselves stuck here?"

"An energy cloud that was actually a rip in time absorbed us," said Dax, "that's also how we knew about you two. We saw you in the rip."

" all people look so different in the future?" asked Gabrielle.

"There are many kinds of beings out there that we have met. Worf is a Klingon, Kira is a Bajoran, Odo is a Changling, or was, I suppose, now he's human. Dax is a Trill. The Doctor, Chief and I are human," said the Captain.

"Yeah, whatever," said Gabrielle.

"Captain, I hate to bring this up, but what are we going to do now?" asked Odo.

"I don't know, Constable," responded the Captain.

"I guess you could come with us to Epiria. There's some sort of Festival there. Gabrielle really wanted to stop by," said Xena, "maybe you could even come in handy."

"Of course, knowing Xena, there'll be trouble," said Gabrielle.

"Hey, I never start trouble, but I always finish it," responded Xena.

"Don't worry, ladies, I think we can take care of ourselves," said the Chief.

Two hours Later...

"This is strange, its too quiet," said Xena, "the road to Epiria is almost always filled with bandits and thieves. I was kinda looking forward to doing a little cleaning up." said Xena.

"Just out of curiosity," said Gabrielle, "what are those things on your belts?"

"Well," said the Doctor pulling out his tricorder, "this is called a tricorder. It records information about something by just aiming it at the object."

"And this is a phaser. It's a dangerous weapon and has the ability to stun something, or kill it," said the Major.

"Amazing," said Gabrielle.

"Okay, now that we've answered your questions, maybe we can get some answers from you. Xena, what is that round metal object hanging from your belt?" asked the Captain.

"It's called a chakrum. It's also a dangerous weapon, but comes in very handy in tight situations," said Xena.

"What does it do?" asked the Chief.

"You throw it. The side is as sharp as a razor," said Xena.

Three hours later...

"Well, we're almost there," said Xena.

Just then a small group of bandits leaped out of the bushes on the sides of the road.

"Well, well, if it isn't Xena. Aren't you going to introduce me to your ugly friends?" said the leader.

Xena drew her sword.

"Maxius, how have you been, lately? Do you have that little scar from that wound I gave you that made you, oh, how can I word this nicely, less of a man?"

All of the men in the group cringed at the thought. Gabrielle chuckled.

"Now, you're gonna die, BITCH!" said Maxius,"ATTACK!!"

Maxius's men attacked with their swords and staffs. The senior staff of DS9 pulled out their phasers. They fired, leaving all of Maxius's men unconcious.

"What...WHAT ARE YOU!?" Maxius said, scared to death that he had incurred the wrath of gods.

"We're Starfleet Officers," replied the Captain.

He was getting ready to stun Maxius when Xena stopped him.


Xena drew her sword. Maxius attacked with an overhead swing. Xena blocked with her blade. She swung to his face. Blocked. And swung low. Blocked. Xena swung around quickly and hook kicked Maxius in the face and then struck him with the handle of her sword. He was out.

"So much for Maxius," said Worf.

But not yet. While Xena had her back turned, Maxius picked up his sword and came at her with an overhead swing. She sensed him coming and swung her sword around and stabbed him without even turning around.

"Umm, so much for Maxius," said Gabrielle.

Later, they approached Espiria, and Sisko and the others were amazed at seeing Ancient Greek architecture in perfect condition.

"Hey Gabrielle, what kind of festival is this anyway?" asked Kira.

"Its not tuned to one thing really, there's a lot of everything," responded Gabrielle.

"I've heard some strange things about this place, though," said Xena, "stories about mad sorcerers trying to arise ancient powers in these temples. I don't like it here."

"Those are probably all overexaggerated stories and rumors," said Gabrielle, hoping she was right.

Suddenly, a bright flash came from one of the temples.


They ran to the temple gates and they looked in.

"I don't believe it," said Bashir, "its the cloud!"

They saw an old man in a robe with a group of high priests around an altar. They were chanting. A small energy cloud was forming above their heads.

"It started here. It started right here," said the Captain.

"My God," said the Chief.

"God? Don't you mean gods?" asked Gabriell