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Battle On

by Tim Wellman

When age has dimmed the bright spark of battle,
the clash of swords ringing only in Gabrielle's stories,
will Xena stoke the fire softly and remember?
The light in her eyes, dimming slowly to embers--
but will the battles still rage in her heart?
To Gabrielle she will say, "We had some times, didn't we?"
her voice, weak, but still enchanting,
those years, so long ago, beginning to fade;
and Gabrielle will tell her fantastic tales,
and together they will rejoin the fight,
standing firm on some distant field.
And they will relive the stories
of adventures and battles won, of people
and gods, of friends and enemies, all thrown
across the landscape of a warrior's life.
And for a fleeting moment, Xena will again feel
the cool steel in her hand as she grips the memory.
"We had some times," Gabrielle will say,
as they cling to each other for warmth
in a world too cold for their years.

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