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The Ballad of Xena and Gabrielle*

by: Sal_Fan

Reputation ruined by Ares--
Framed for murd'ring innocent kin.
The people in town
Try hunting me down.
They won't forgive me for my past sin.

'Zounds! You know, it ain't easy...
They're making su-uch a fuss.
The way things are going,
They're gonna Chakrify// us.

On our way to help out some townsfolk
Beaten by some warlords with ease.
The villagers moan,
"You leave us alone!
Don't sell us into slavery, please!"


All the people see us and ponder,
As we walk with Argo in tow,
"Two women together,
We're wondering whether
They're up to something fishy-- oho?"


Riding through the forest, chasing evil men--
Trying to save the good from the bad.
Then Gaby said, "You know,
One day, they'll thank us so"--
Until then we won't get any re-est- NO!

Tracked the warlords back to the village--
Find the townsfolk under their spell.
The villagers say,
"Xena, go away!
We'd rather die and see you in He**!"


Fin'lly, we defeated the bad guys--
Rescued all the people in town.
They changed their tune fast:
"You guys sure kicked ass!--
We knew you'd never le-et us down!"


*With apologies to "The Ballad of John and Yoko"

//Chakrify: To perform unspeakable acts of torture with a chakram

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