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Back From The Dead

by: Daffyette

(Xena's POV of Gabrielle's "death in Is There a Doctor in the House)

When she came in on the stretcher
my heart filled with fear
"What if she's dead?" I thought
my eyes blurred with tears

I repaired the wound as best I could
but through the night she might not last
and even with all the healing techniques I knew
my friend, she was fading fast

And then she started shaking
I tryed to hold her down
but then exhaled her final breath
my knees went weak and I fell to the ground

I tryed to wake her as if she'd just passed out
I cryed and I cryed and I cryed
but I could not wake her from her forever sleep
no matter how I tryed

I breathed for her, I pumped her heart
until I thought it was all in vain
then all of a sudden she awoke
and back from the dead she came

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