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April in Avkland
by Bruce LeSourd

Spring has come to the locus amoenus,
coaxing the pale buds open.
The chakram entwines the staff
in a riot of oleander,
in a bed of heather
the Argonauts lie
flush with the sun
setting into lazy evening,
they are quiet
and the land breathes with them
as the evening falls.

Back in the saddle again,
the night fills with soft cries.
Et in Arcadia ego,
even the little death.


A region of the southern most island in the ancient Aegean.
Literally, "amenable place". Search for the phrase in
The unerring throwing weapon of Vishnu and his Classical female incarnation.
Second only to the pen in the arsenal of bardly weapons.
Beautiful, but poisonous if imbibed.
Voyagers on Argo
Et in Arcadia ego
little death
From the French, "petit mort", death of a thousand sighs.

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