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A Toast to the Pub

by mizaru

For a stop at the Pub
We gather each night
We drink and discuss
But we dare never fight

A round of Xena Darks
We'll order at the Pub
The newbies will be welcomed
By a dunking in the tub

The faint of heart can order
A round of Gabri-ales
While cleaning out the tub
Of AmberDragon's scales

Each episode we'll analyze
Until the "Nth" degree
Each scene will be debated
And seldom will all agree

The bloopers will be caught
By old eagle eyes E.M
And the rest of us are left
To view the episode again

Too many chakram shooters
Will bring you to your knees
So stay away from "Cuffs"
Until she's found the keys

Each nutball is *quickly* greeted
By Lasha's big, bright smile
And Scauwen's courting Lasha
With such flair and so much style

AG awaits his AlleyCat
To join us at the Pub
Through roaming eyes he swears to us
That she's his one true love

With the beer nuts all but gone
Green jello now abounds
The food fight will soon start
So lets order one more round

Discussions are now over
All's quiet in the Pub
The only question that remains
Who's turn to clean the tub?

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