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A Tale of Xena
by: Marcos

Xena, hero of many a tale
Who among us really knows
Some think they know all
And all know some
But if truth be told, there's only one

You once fought for honor
But somehow lost your way
'Til only hate and emptiness
Filled your nights and your days
What a pity, should that be the end

Then wonder of wonders
The error of your ways
Shone forth like a fire
On a fog-shrouded night
And once again, you're soul was your own

Though the path is not easy
You know in your heart
That somewhere inside you
You have the courage to triumph
Peace is hard, you've said so yourself

Things are different, yet still the same
With Gabrielle by your side
She's taught you so much
But the real question is
Who is teacher and who is the student

It's a long, winding road
The two of you follow
A friendship for a lifetime
Has made both of you strong
In ways you can't even imagine

So battle on, Xena and Gabby
Do what you can
To keep the world safe
And always remember
Xenites are here, now and forever!

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