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Ares Bard

by Becky Lutzke



Gabrielle stared down from the ramparts of the castle. An icy wind whipped over her battle leathers as dark clouds hung in the sky. She stared down at the activity on the plain, below the hill in front of the castle. She shook her head and then caught a flash of silver. Xena rode Argo in front of the great army that was amassed. She shouted orders gruffly and listened as her commanders reported to her.

Gabrielle watched as Ephany reported to Xena and Melegaur came walking up. Xena furiously shook her head, and then looked toward the castle. Gabrielle felt Xenas eyes lock with hers for a moment, then the connection was broken just as quickly. 

"Gabrielle?" Gabrielle glanced over at Joxer. She heaved a sigh,

"Yes Joxer?" Joxer approached, choosing his words with care.

"Are you sure this is right? Are you sure this is what you.."

Gabrielles face turned angry, "I told you, its the only way!"

Joxer retreated a little, "She's your friend Gabrielle."

"Don't you think I know that! Don't you think that.." Gabrielle turned, trying to control the anger that attempted to be loosed from control. No, she thought, I will not do this to him. "Joxer. Please, no more." Gabrielle sighed wearily and turned back. "Has Rage completed the tactics briefing?" Joxer nodded. "Good, you may go." Gabrielle turned back to watching the preparations on the plain below.

"Gabrielle, Xena says its never to late to turn back." And with that parting shot he dissappeared quickly.

Gabrielle slammed her hand down on the castle wall, and screamed aloud. Several in the castle and on the plain looked up, watching the woman for a brief moment, then turning back to what they were doing. "You do look lovely my Dear." Ares appeared and laid a cloak over her shoulders, then wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. Gabrielle relaxed slightly in to the God of Wars embrace.

"Not having second thoughts are we?" Ares asked, watching the activity below.

"No, my Love." Gabrielle said.

Ares smiled and turned the young woman around. "Good, because I wouldn't want my wife betraying me on her coming out day." Gabrielle shuddered at the words 'coming out'. How had this all happened?

"No, I'm looking forward to this my love." Ares leaned down and gently kissed Gabrielle. Gabrielle returned the kiss, the memory of their night of passion washing over her. Why did this all seem like such a bad dream she thought.

Ares broke the kiss, "Good. Because tomorrow our Army will destroy the Warrior Princess and her Army."

 Gabrielle just nodded. Ares smiled, "I'll see you tonight my Warrior Bard!" Gabrielle turned back,


End of Prologue


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