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The Adventure Begins

by Judy (Wishes on NefForum)

Listen to the tale the Potideian

Told me with her honey-tongued abandon

Of a tall and black-haired Thracian,

Xena, daughter of the long-lost Atreus,

Xena, daughter of the strong Cyrene.

On a day of peace the story opens,

Amid pastoral scenes of village life.

Two sisters gather grain and draw the water,

Laugh at jokes and flirt with village boys.

One girl, dark and quick, the boys call Lila.

The other, titian-haired, is Gabrielle.

About this peaceful scene the war clouds gather.

Rumors spread of turmoil, fearful strife,

Of nearby villages beset by bandits,

As Draco, leader, fierce marauder,

Plans another deadly strike.

Gabrielle, to save her sister

And the others she holds dear

Offers up her only treasure:

She'll give her innocence for all their lives.

But Draco's men will show no mercy.

They know all things are theirs for taking;

Wolves, they are, in human guise.

Just when the future seems the darkest,

The last Fate's shears about to close,

A warrior rides in with the fiery sunrise,

Bold Xena, bravest of the Thracians,

Dark-haired woman with blue eyes.

Xena, name as feared as Draco,

Clad in armor, on a golden mare,

Battles on to save the village,

Fierce as one possessed by Ares' spirit,

Using sword and chakram freely,

This time for good, not gold or warrior's pride.

Xena wins the day and saves the village,

Wins loyalty and love from Gabrielle.

Thus begins the story of the friendship

And adventures Xenite bards still proudly tell.

Judy (Wishes on NefForum)

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