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Additions on 27 September 1999

The Eddies

I would like to welcome Lynne Knowlton to the crew. She has graciously offered to take on the Editor's Choice Awards (the Eddies). It was last December when we last had an Eddie awarded. As time permits, the awards will alternate between the old and the newly posted stories to bring us up to date (we even might have some 'guest readers' to help out). She has been working very hard these last couple months and I'm really proud of her.
If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the Eddies, you can contact Lynne at

The Editor's Choice Award's for January 1999 go to:
  • THE GAME - Poto (alt)
  • COVINGTON - Lela Kaunitz (alt, poetry, Mel & Janice)

The Editor's Choice Award's for June 1999 go to:
  • GHOSTS OF THE PAST - April McKaig (gen)
  • OKTOBERFEST - Redhawk (alt, adult, Uber, Higlander cross-over)
  • THE REUNION - eimajj (gen)
  • LOVE ME - AztecAmazon (alt, adult)
  • A NEED FOR SORROW - Kathleen Wolf (alt)

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Additions on 11 September 1999

Additions on 10 September 1999

Additions on 9 September 1999

Additions on 8 September 1999

Additions on 7 September 1999

Dear Fellow Xenites:

    I am Shahn-Ryan Schumacher and I am the author of the story, "The Warrior and the Time Lord." I have come to love the story very much and indeed want to be able to continue it. However, I am just now finishing the third chapter and I hate to give it up. With my job going the way it is, I don't have the time I would like to take to dedicate to the writing of it and when I do have the time, I'm usually too exhausted to try. I am asking for ANYONE who would be willing to form a partnership and/or take over the story entirely so that it might get finished. Those interested should have background knowledge of the Doctor Who universe (also known as the Whoniverse).

    Anyone interested can e-mail me at or if they need informationon anything relating to Doctor Who should they take up my offer. Thank you for your time.

Shahn-Ryan Schumacher

Posted by Todd

Additions on 1 September 1999

Access to

Home of the fan fiction writer Missy Good, the domain name is in the midst of changing servers locations.
Until things get sorted out, you can access it directly at

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