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Now we all know what plagiarism means but it surprises me that someone would take it onto themselves to 'steal and use (the ideas or writings of another) as one's own' (1) for their own behoof. This just isn't cool and it hurts your reputation and can mark you a pariah (to bastardize the term - a social outcast).

MaryD said it best

"...The xenaverse is a close knit community and with fan fic it is read and commented on daily and remembered. Now if a reader sees a story on this site that they have read on another site and it's not by the same author, you can be quite certain that the reader will contact me and let me know. As I have done with the story mentioned above, I have removed the story, informed the author of the reason why this has happened AND I will refuse to publish any further work by this author. That part is written in stone.

If you think this is harsh just remember that the author that the work is stolen from has worked long and hard to produce their work. It's theft. In not doing anything about this, I risk the reputation of this site. Now I'm not prepared to do that. Tom has worked long and hard to produce a web site that is loved by all in the xenaverse community. plagiarism is theft pure and simple." (2)

To paraphrase, ...NO! If in doubt, acknowledge your secondary sources 'with a footnote or in a citation within the text'. "Even proper paraphrasing of someone else's writing constitutes plagiarism if the facts or ideas thus presented are not commonly known or held in the field." (3)

1 - Houghton Mifflin Canadian Dictionary
2 - MaryD, 22 April 1997, A Note from the Editor
3 - Notes on the Preparation of Essays in the Arts and Sciences, Trent University

Posted by Todd

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