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Lunacy's Final Fan Fiction Report

Some sad news to pass on, as some of you now know, Lunacy has decided to take semi-retirement.

A major contributor in the Xena fan fiction genre, Lunacy has reviewed and commented on a vast array of the fan fiction available on the net. Online since May of 1997, the site at provides "…reviews of many of the best stories available on the Web, along with links to these, links to fanfic art and fanfic resources and announcements". As well, a Beta Readers directory, an excellent reference section, and a directory of volunteers offering expert advise in various fields from medicine to mythology.

For someone new to reading or submitting fan fiction, this is and will be a great place to start from.

I wish Lunacy the best and it is an incredible collection that will hopefully exist for many years to come.

Posted by Todd

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Fan Fiction Hits the Big Screen

Missy Good's fan fiction story, Tropical Storm, not only has been made into novel form, it is being made into a movie. The movie will be filmed in and around the Florida area and probably Australia too!! Ladyhawke Productions is the production company behind this and MaryD has an official site set up also. You can join a list for this film here.

Posted by Cyrene

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