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March 22, 1998

Dear Friends, ***NEW FICTION ALERT***

Thanks so much for your patience and words of encouragement as I've gotten my life back on track from my recent apartment fire. Tom and I had been working out a new indexing system just before life turned upside down for me. Until that is worked out, I'll be posting batches of fiction by date. The link for March 22, 1998 which is will take you to a menu showing title and bard for the work done today. This is a temporary arrangement, but one that will be easiest for all involved and for what Tom and I have in mind for the future. Enjoy the stories, and again, many thanks.


  Xena Fiction Posted 3/22/1998
Jsandsmark Bitter Treat
Melissa Good Reflections from the Past - Part III

Darkness Falls - Part I

Darkness Falls - Part II

Ron Gillespie The Battle of Warriors
Silk Harder Please

Heart's Choice

Passage Into Darkness - Part I

Passage Into Darkness - Part II

Passage Into Darkness - Part III

Eimajj The Long Road Back
John Dorsey Do the Walls Come Down? - Bitter Suiteness
Chemmy Mist (revised)
Dana Cory The Love of Lao Ma
Sapphos Slave Taken (A Poem)
J.L. Peterson While I'm Waiting
J.L. Raymond A Warrior Fighting to Unlock the Chains (A Lyric)
NightBard The Golden Tiara of Hestia - Part I
Mondell Keck Novella I - Baccha Moon Rising

Novella II - Fallen Nation

Kaiser Blood and Honor
Vivian Darkbloom All the Colors of the World - Part III
Shahn-Ryan Schumacher The Warrior and the Time Lord
Unknown Love, Valour, and Discovery

Twilight of the Gods




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