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This is a list of upcoming XenaFests, Gatherings, Conventions or whatnot. If you have an event that you'd like to have advertised, please email me the full details and a URL to send people to for more information, and I'll list your event here.

Xena night at The Chat House | Xena night at Meow Mix | PNW (Pacific Northwest) XenaFest III | New York City XenaFest III | Southern California XenaFest 5 [SCXF5] | Official Xena Conventions

Xena night at The Chat House

When: Every Tuesday night, beginning between 7:30 and 8pm
The Chat House
139 8th Street
@ Minna (between Mission and Howard streets)
San Francisco, CA

For more information contact scullyaf@cris.com.

Xena night at Meow Mix

When: The second Tuesday night of every month.
Meow Mix
269 Houston Street
Between Avenues A and B
New York 10002
tel: (212) 254-0688
map it!

For more information visit whoosh.org/meowmix/.

PNW (Pacific Northwest) XenaFest III

Join in the fun and excitement as an international contingent of fans honour their favourite female characters in this...


Let Memorable Moments Begin...

Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada)...

Salute The Warrior Spirit In You!

When: Saturday, June 19th of 1999

W.I.S.E. Hall
1882 Adanac Street
Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada)

Fest Times:
Doors Open: 10:00am
Event Starts: 11:00am
Event Ends: 6:00pm

Dinner: 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Dance Party: 9:00pm - Midnight

Check us out at The Pacific Northwest Online Xena Fan Club Website, Your Official Source for Fest Information: www.geocities.com/Area51/Shire/1291/graph/pnwfest3.html

Questions? Suggestions? Contact Rita Jessica Ma at rjm@idmail.com

GUESTS: Ru Emerson. We are happy to announce that Ru will be coming back as a guest speaker! She is the author of several Xena novels: The Empty Throne, The Huntress and the Sphinx, and The Thief of Hermes. Currently, she is signed to write three upcoming Xena novels to be released sometime in 1999. Ru will be available for signing books and answering your questions! We also have special guest bards Redhawk, Llachlan, and Thamiris. They will all be speaking about writing fan fiction, posting work on the Internet, and other issues relevant to writing fan fiction.

Charity Auction Proceeds for The Battered Womens Support Services of British Columbia (Canada).

WHAT WE ARE ABOUT: The Third Annual PNW XenaFest is a non-profit, fan-run event organized by an international contingent of fans from Canada, the United States and New Zealand. Our first festival took place in Vancouver (March 29, 1997) and last year in Seattle (Renton), Washington (May 30, 1998). We return to Canadian soil again this year to "Salute the Women of Xena: Warrior Princess". We hold these events, not only because of our love for the program, but more importantly to show a little warrior spirit of our own and help those less fortunate than ourselves. Last year, we raised over $1,400 US for Snohomish County Center for Battered Women. The struggle to educate the public about the plight of abused women continues. This year, we are honoured to have The Battered Women's Support Services of British Columbia as the beneficiary of the XenaFest Charity Auction. We very much look forward to your participation! See you all again in Vancouver, BC! LET'S CELEBRATE AND PARTY!!

The 3rd Annual PNW XenaFest Committee of 1999:
Rita Jessica Ma, Del Press, Julie Ruffell, Dawn Grummett, Stephanie Davis, Danielle Breden, Angela Sedillo, Jenna Tomlin, Debbie Barbay, Kathy Chaurasiya and Rebekah Mills

New York City XenaFest III

When: June 26, 1999
Where: Skyline Hotel, Tenth Avenue at 49th Street, NYC
Website: sword-and-staff.com/nycfest.htm
For more information contact Debbie Cassetta.
Guests: Fan Fic Writers Missy Good, TNOVAN, and Felioness. Writers: Greg Cox, Josepha Sherman, Keith R.A.DeCandido, Marina Frants, and Rob Weisbrot (tentative). Webmasters Tom Simpson and Betsy Book.

All proceeds to For All Kids Foundation.

Southern California XenaFest 5 [SCXF5]

You are all invited to the So. Cal. Xenafest! Please join us to meet old friends and new friends, watch Xena videos and episodes, eat good food, participate in contests of skill, dexterity and knowledge and much more fun and surprises.

When: Sat., JULY 24, 1999, Noon to 6PM
Where: Yankee Doodles, Woodland Hills, CA
For more information and registration, please visit our website: www.qnet.com/~frozina/xenafest/

All proceeds will go to Penny Lane and Working Wardrobes.

Official Xena Conventions
(For more information on any Official Xena Convention, visit Creation's Xena/Hercules Fan Club page. To order tickets visit the Convention Central at creationent.com.) Generally these cons run from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Orlando, FL Official Hercules & Xena Convention
May 29-30, 1999
Guests: Danielle Cormack ("Ephiny"), Kevin Smith ("Ares"), and Ted Raimi ("Joxer")

Minneapolis, MN Official Hercules & Xena Convention
July 31, 1999
Guests: TBA

San Francisco, CA Official Hercules & Xena Convention
October 17, 1999
Guests: TBA

Las Vegas, NV Official Hercules & Xena Convention
November 14, 1999
Guests: TBA

Pasadena, CA Official Hercules & Xena Convention
January 22-23, 2000
Guests: TBA

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