Lucy Lawless on Entertainment Tonight

September 13, 1996


mary01.jpgHercules has a lot going for him and Xena, Warrior Princess is pretty tough too. Not only can she beat up the bad guys, but she does it in skintight leather.

lucyet01.jpgMy Xena costume is just a second skin.

lucyet02.jpgWatch out everybody, Xena is back on the prowl for her second season.

lucyet03.jpgLucy Lawless who plays the lioness in leather is just happy it's finally on the air... her native New Zealand

lucyet15.jpgMy mother loves it, and the kids at my daughter's school, so what could be better than that?

lucyet05.jpgWell, there's the fact that her show was last season's highest rated new syndicated series, and Rosie O'Donnell says Lucy was her show's most requested guest. A recent visit allowed Lucy to show off another side. [Brief excerpt of Lucy's Cowboy song].

lucyet06.jpgBut back in New Zealand there is work to do. Lucy says all the action keeps her so busy...

lucyet07.jpg...that there's no need to work out anymore.

lucyet08.jpgI was doing a 14 hour day and then going to the gym. And for about 8 months I did that 5 times a week and it just about killed me.

lucyet09.jpgBut it payed off. Her tough but sexy image has even spawned off a Xena action figure.

lucyet10.jpgThis is really cool. Look, she's got her little bikini on...

lucyet11.jpg...'cause it's a bit cold, a bit nippy down here.

lucyet12.jpgIt is winter down under in New Zealand but that isn't enough to stop Xena.

lucyet13.jpgXena rides in chariots in two degree weather and gets very wet in hardly any clothes, but she does it for you.

lucyet14.jpg[Music chord ends]

mary02.jpgWhile the kids at Lucy's eight year old daughter Daisy's school love the show now, Daisy wasn't so sure it would be like that at first. Daisy told her mom she was scared the kids might think Xena was dumb. Fortunately mom has turned out to be a very cool thing to watch. Xena's new season starts up the week of September 30th in syndication.

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