Renee O'Connor on the Pat Bullard Show

Fabulous Renee

Renee was on the Pat Bullard show. Mostly he just mugged for the camera and there were very few closeups of Renee at all. I tried to match the pictures to her words, but she was rarely on-screen so some of the shots are either out of order or repeated. You still get the general sense of the interview, though

FreakThe show 'Xena' has taken the country and the world by storm. Have a look at this... Please welcome Xena sidekick Renee O'Connor! Hi!

renbul01.jpg renbul02.jpgHi!

renbul03.jpg renbul04.jpgWelcome to the show, come on in! The show is very popular, isn't it?


Freak I want to show you just how popular it is. C'mere ma'm, for a second Wa-watch this. This-this woman watches the show and-- show them-

xenite.gifI watch it all the time!

FreakNow show them what you showed me during the commercial break.


FreakGo on back now, go on back [stands and escorts woman to her seat]

renbul06.jpgDid you teach her that?!

FreakI did not teach her, I swear to you. During the commercial break- she told- and it occured to me-

renbul07.jpgThat's really good! Wow!

Freak[points to woman] I stayed right beside you in a motel one time. [audience laughs] How does it feel? It must be exciting to be, uh, on a show that popular.

renbul08.jpgIt is very exciting. I was quite surprised because in New Zealand it's not airing. Well, actually it just started a few weeks ago so we had no idea that people were really watching, and the different age groups too--

FreakBecause that's where you shoot the show? Is that where you do it?

renbul09.jpgWe shoot in Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand.

FreakHow'd you get a part-how'd you get a part on the show?

renbul10.jpgUm, I worked a couple times with Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi, um, I worked on a television movie called Hercules, which Xena is a spinoff of.


renbul11.jpgAnd from there on out they just kept me around, so... Good for you! Yeah, jus' lucky.

FreakUm, now, do you do your own stunts on the show?

renbul12.jpgI do them all! No, no. I-I have learned to play with the stick and there are a couple people who do the tough falls and the horse riding.

FreakSo they do have actual stunt people that come in and-

renbul13.jpgOh yes.

FreakLike the scene we just saw where you're walloping that guy- is that a stunt person?

renbul14.jpgUm, I would do half of it and the stunt person would do the other half. But most of the time they try to let me play with it a bit-- if i'm nice.

FreakOh good. N-Now you have a lot of experience in this. I want you to teach me some, some of your fighting technique.


FreakAlright, let's do that. I'm not afraid, alright, here we go. Alright, let me take off my jacket. [takes off his jacket]


FreakAlright, whatta ya gonna show me?

renbul17.jpgOkay, practical use...

FreakY'know, we can move these chairs. Go ahead, go ahead.

renbul18.jpgAnd I reccomend you all... hold on to your purses.

FreakStand back! This is my first time with these, but please, move in! Let's see how these babies work!

renbul19.jpgOkay, let's try this. Okay. Lotsa' room, lots of room...

FreakRoom? Who needs room?

renbul20.jpgI need the room [steps away from PB] Okay. Let's take this and swing it around a bit. Alright. You can do this with your purse.

Freak I'm alright ma'm, thanks for worryin' about me though. Am I doin' it? Yes. Hold on tight, just relax now. OH MY GOD! [mock swings 'chuck at audience] Okay, le--There's a move, though...

renbul21.jpgLet's go around twice and catch it [swings around twice, catches the end of the 'chuck under her right arm with her left hand] PB: Twice? One-Two-and catch it! [misses grabbing it with his left hand, 'chuck falls] [laughs, then holds out 'chuck to the audience] Here, here, it can be caught. Alright, we got it. Do you need help? No, I'm fine. Okay, now-

FreakI swear to you, I strained something really badly.[bends, clutches at his left shoulder] Alright...

renbul22.jpgAlright, let's release this hand and bring it out. [releases right hand, holds 'chuck out striaght in her left hand. PB lets go with his left hand and extends with the right] No-[groans from the audience]-we'll try again. Okay, one more chance Pat.

FreakWell what're you doing dif-[attempts to reposition over his right shoulder] This'll be good if I'm ever attacked in the park or something. "Alright, hang on for one second" [grabs end of chuck hanging over his right shoulder with his left hand] "Alright now move over that way while I-" Okay.

renbul19.jpgYeah, yeah. Okay, you're useless. [extends 'chuck in her left hand] How 'bout this.

FreakI'm useless. Thankyou Renee.

renbul18.jpg[laughing] Sure! Okay, now swing this one [begins the swing with left hand, bangs mettalic table] Oooooo...

Freak [stalks off, throwing 'chuck to the ground] That's our favorite table!

renbul23.jpg[runs at PB and jumps, 'chuck raised menacingly] Ai-yai!!

Freak[to someone offstage] Do we have time for anymore? We're out of time? Renee, thanks. Come back and teach me some more, will ya do that? Sure- Alright, congrats on the show. [shakes her hand] Thank you!

Freak[points to woman in the audience] Do the noise!


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