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Battle on!

Not sure what to get your beloved Xenite who seems to have everything? How about a Battle On! tshirt? These are top of the line quality tshirts, with a full color screen print of the famous 'Leather Wedgie' cartoon...and as a solstice bonus the price has been slashed to $20.00 (plus shipping and handling) for your Solstice budget. (Click here to see the cartoon)

For more information on the Battle On! tshirt, please email Happy Solstice everybody!

BATTLE ON!: the Tshirt

Just in time to stave off XWS, Battle On! is pleased to announce that the highly anticipated Battle On! tshirts are IN. Be the first Xenite on your block to own this stylin Tshirt. The shirt is white with a FULL COLOR copy of the infamous Leather Wedgie cartoon printed on the front with "Battle On!" written over the top in purple. Supplies are limited so order yours today!

Tshirts are $25.00 US with $3.00 shipping and handling. For info on where to send your check email

Battle On!

BATTLE ON!: Signed Prints & Character Cels

Well, enough of you have clamored for them, I'm now selling signed prints from the Battle On! series. Colored ones are $12.00, B&W are $8.00. Pricing includes shipping and handling and if you want more than one, the prices drop to 10.00 for color and 6.00 for B&W. Sorry, requests can not be handled via email. I know, I know, the money exhange rate is different between Americans and Canadians. Still, I'm not going to worry about it. It's more expensive for me to ship stuff to the US, so the Americans get the higher rate.) (If you're in another country other than the US or Canada, pls email me and we'll work something out.)

Also some of you have asked about the character cels. These are also for sale though you may think i've got them a little bit pricy. Considering the time it takes to properly ink, paint and mount a cel they're going for $80.00. Again, this pricing covers shipping and handling. Available so far is a Xena, Gabrielle and Callisto. An Ephiny and Joxer cel design are currently being worked on. Special requests can be entertained. Email me if you have any specific questions.

Please send all written requests, (IE: the cartoon you want) to

Jeanette Atwood T.G.
86 South 350 East
Farmington UT 84025

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