Xena Broadcast Schedule

This table lists the current broadcast schedule. I'm going to list the regular syndicated episodes as well as the USA listing. You can find a comprehensive episode guide at Whoosh!. Check there for more information on any of these episodes.

I've linked the USA Network episodes to the episode guide on the Official Xena Page. You can check the USA Network listings on your own, just click here to search USA's schedule.

Regular Xena Episodes on Broadcast TV

Week of...


Monday, December 6[502] Chakram
Monday, December 13[408] Crusader
Monday, December 20[405] A Good Day
Monday, December 27[407] Locked Up and Tied Down
Monday, January 3[504] Animal Attraction
Monday, January 10[509] Seeds of Faith
Monday, January 17[510] Lyre Lyre Hearts on Fire
Monday, January 24[511] Punchlines
Monday, January 31[512] God Fearing Child

Upcoming Xena episodes on USA



Sunday, December 5[321] Sacrifice Pt. 1
Sunday, December 12[322] Sacrifice Pt. 2
Sunday, December 19[311] Maternal Instincts
Sunday, December 26[209] A Solstice Carol
Sunday, January 2[306] The Debt Pt. 1
Sunday, January 9[307] The Debt Pt. 2
Sunday, January 16[312] The Bitter Suite
Sunday, January 23[401] Adventures in the Sin Trade Pt. 1
Sunday, January 30[402] Adventures in the Sin Trade Pt. 2

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