Sounds from The Xena Scrolls

  1. Ares- Aaah, that feels good. 151 kb
  2. Ares- Take your best shot. 61 kb
  3. Ares- Smythe: Who are you?
    The last sight you'll ever see.
    173 kb
  4. Ares- Wait 'til they get a load of me! 290 kb
  5. Ares- You can run Xena, but you can't hide. 220 kb
  6. Ares- Yes! Freedom! Later! 217 kb
  7. Ares- Now I'm mad. 110 kb
  8. Janice- Now that's no way to treat a lady. Run along now boys. I don't have time to play. 647 kb
  9. Janice- You're Mel Pappas?
    Mel: Yes Ma'am.
    Winner of the 1924 Nobel Prize for Anthropolgy? Dean of the University of South Carolina? Nice try.
    522 kb
  10. Janice- Around here it's hard to know who to trust. What do you want? 254 kb
  11. Janice- The most important archeological find of the century. Somehting that will revolutionize the way we look at the ancient world. It has the power to turn myth into history, history into myth. The Xena Scrolls. 870 kb
  12. Janice- Smythe: Ladies first.
    What a gentleman.
    Jaques: But of course.
    Not you, idiot.
    231 kb
  13. Janice- The chakram! Xena's most powerful weapon. 204 kb
  14. Janice- Not this time. 194 kb
  15. Janice- Pull yourself together man. 76 kb
  16. Janice- Of course, I'm a descendant of Xena. 109 kb
  17. Janice- Sianara sucker! 341 kb
  18. Jaques- Would you mind slapping me again? I'm hallucinating. 259 kb
  19. Mel- I'm his daughter, Melinda Pappas, Mel for short. 170 kb
  20. Mel- You said you wanted help translatin' ancient writin' I am! 207 kb
  21. Mel- Murder!
    Janice: Sure as hell ain't suicide. Still wanna hang around Mel Pappas?
    What's in that tomb that could drive men to murder?
    529 kb
  22. Mel- All ye who enter, beware the wrath of the God of War. 324 kb
  23. Mel- Oops...Well it didn't look suspicious. 320 kb
  24. Mel- Shazam! 151 kb
  25. Smythe- Look what I've got. The Key. 196 kb
  26. Smythe- Looking for this? 91 kb
  27. Xena- Think again, Ares. 103 kb
  28. Xena- Not long enough. 73 kb
  29. Xena- Hyaaah! Enjoy. 212 kb
  30. Xena- Jack: What, were you two janes just gonna leave me in there?
    That'd be awful, people are trying to rest in there.
    237 kb

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