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Sounds from Warrior...Priestess...Tramp

Download all 20 sounds (all but the promo) 2.6 MB

  1. Warrior...Priestess...Tramp promo 323 kb
  2. Joxer the Mighty 1.4 MB ( 28.8 RealAudio version and 56.6 RealAudio version)
  3. Gabrielle- Have you lost your mind? 34 kb
  4. Gabrielle- Troubled is a polite word for what I am. 68 kb
  5. Gabrielle- Callisto. You got back somehow to drive me insane?! 119 kb
  6. Gabrielle- A Hestian virgin? Leah: Are there any other sort? 89 kb
  7. Gabrielle- Xena, for once, could you just, just play along? 66 kb
  8. Meg- How'd you like a trip to Mt. Olympus courtesy of my fist? 78 kb
  9. Meg- It's me you want. I am the holy woman. 128 kb
  10. Leah- I come in peace. 32 kb
  11. Leah- See me as I truly am. Not a warrior, but a champion of peace, willing to die for it. 164 kb
  12. Leah- I am not afraid to die. 43 kb
  13. Leah- My child, you seem a little troubled. 54 kb
  14. Leah- It's a miracle. Lets join hands and praise Hestia. Praise Hestia. Praise Hestia. Praise Hestia. 215 kb
  15. Leah- Do I sense a nonbeliever among us? 65 kb
  16. Leah- Well, looks like someone's caught a speeding chariot to Tartarus. 99 kb
  17. Leah- Heathens to the left of me, infidels to the right. Tremendous. 93 kb
  18. Leah- Oh Hestia. If denying the flesh is the path to true rightousness, then what lesson can I learn from these wanton strumpets? 221 kb
  19. Leah- And how can I pass your wisdom on these women of questionable virtue, who so obviously disregard the purity of their own bodies. 178 kb
  20. Leah- I am a Hestian Virgin. 61 kb
  21. Leah- Onward virgin soldiers, marching us to war. Leah: Please, you have to be supported by your diaphrams. 251 kb

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