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Sounds from Vanishing Act

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  1. Vanishing Act promo 644 kb
  2. Festival of Peace (music) 1,200 kb ( 28.8 RealAudio version or 56.6 RealAudio version.)
  3. Party (music) 1,580 kb ( 28.8 RealAudio version or 56.6 RealAudio version.)
  4. Autolycus- I'm sorry, I need to tend to my broken hip. 66 kb
  5. Autolycus- It would not be immodest to day that that's the greatest theft ever. 39 kb
  6. Autolycus- But if you use finess. And steal it out from under their noses without them knowing it, that counts as stealing. 66 kb
  7. Autolycus- Yeah, nothing besides letting you live inside my body while I risk my life to steal back your shapely corpse. All the while having to endure Gabrielle whining 24 hours a day about how much she misses Xena. 147 kb
  8. Autolycus- My reputation as the King of Thieves is not going to be restored if you sling that chakram around and poke people with swords. 70 kb
  9. Autolycus- C'mon. Gimme a smile. Gimme some teeth, a smile. 53 kb
  10. Autolycus- Than perhaps for you, it is very fortunate that I speak the universal language. 84 kb
  11. Autolycus- Good centurion bad centurion. Put a little pressure on him. Xena: Right you are. 57 kb
  12. Autolycus- What are you doing? Xena: Putting a little pressure on him. Psychological pressure. 58 kb
  13. Autolycus (as Bently)- A thousand pardons. 42 kb
  14. Autolycus- Now I happen to have a plan, and if it works, I will be a legend. You two will be a legend's helpers. 65 kb
  15. Autolycus (as Bently)- Well of course it hurts. Why do you think Camels are so miserable? 39 kb
  16. Autolycus- C'mon. C'mon, talk to me. I'm listening, but I'm not hearing. 86 kb
  17. Autolycus- Alright, Xena, you've been waiting for this moment since we started. Some good ol' fashioned kick-butt that's my Warrior Princess action. 71 kb
  18. Gabrielle- Villager: Welcome. Welcome to the festival of peace. Peace to you. Back at ya. Villager: Peace forever. Everybody, yeah. I'm gonna need my arm back. Villager: Peace to us all. 149 kb
  19. Gabrielle (as Myopia)- Myopia, the Fence. I... fence. 59 kb
  20. Gabrielle (as Myopia)- You'd be surprised how little it takes to loosen lips of corrupt wharfmaster. 76 kb
  21. Gabrielle (as Myopia)- Wait, you cannot melt the statue down. 131 kb
  22. Gabrielle (as Myopia)- Tarsus was just about to have the statue melted down. Of course, I tell him, the statue is much more valuable intact. 86 kb
  23. Gabrielle (as Myopia)- Bently, what an unfortunate name. 35 kb
  24. Gabrielle- Could I ask you a question? 47 kb
  25. Gabrielle- Xena: This wouldn't be... His way, yes I know but this plan will go the Tartarus in a reed basket if he's not here. 56 kb
  26. Gabrielle- That's what makes doing work like this worth while. Autolycus: Yes, half naked men screaming through the square, I see your point. 77 kb
  27. Gabrielle- How does it feel to be a thief? Xena: "Second best?" He's got some nerve. 67 kb
  28. Xena- I think we have a suspect. 24 kb
  29. Xena- I'm talking to you Grandma. Autolycus: Ah, what's that sweetie? 35 kb
  30. Xena- I wanna ask you a few questions. 25 kb
  31. Xena- That statue represent a long tradition of peace between these two villages and I didn't come here to fool around. 58 kb
  32. Xena- Give me a break. 18 kb
  33. Xena- Autolycus, it's not call stealing if you retrieve stolen property for the rightful owner. Autolycus: No, not if you go in there busting heads like you usually do. 82 kb
  34. Xena- Are you quite finished? 14 kb
  35. Xena (as Ezra)- Ha ha, darling. 27 kb
  36. Xena (as Ezra)- Charmed I'm sure, but I'm here on business. 32 kb
  37. Xena (as Ezra)- Myopia I've heard of you. They say you used to be good looking. 61 kb
  38. Xena- Plan beta. I saw the furnace belching smoke and knew we had to come... Are you paying attention to me? 65 kb
  39. Xena (as Ezra)- Well that would be because you're a rank amature. 30 kb
  40. Xena (as Ezra)- So, do I get to see the statue or not? Right away. Fabulous. 73 kb
  41. Xena (as Ezra)- Oh, my man servant is outside, would you give him a hand with the baggage? kb
  42. Xena (as Ezra)- Oh. 13 kb
  43. Xena (as Ezra)- Here's my guy now. 24 kb
  44. Xena (as Ezra)- Get inside, you buffon. 24 kb
  45. Xena (as Ezra)- I thought you were running a classy operation here. 36 kb
  46. Xena (as Ezra)- Well, lets settle this right now shall we? I'll give you 15,000 dinars for it. Myopia: 20. 25. Myopia: 30. 35. Tarsus: 35,000 dinars, going once, twice... Myopia: 40,000. 159 kb
  47. Xena (as Ezra)- 140,000 dinars. Myopia: 160,000. 200,000 dinars. 200,000 dinars, going once...Myopia: 250,000. Tarsus: 250,000 dinars, going... 300,000. Myopia: 350,000. 400,000 dinars. And I'll throw in the Ring of Apollo. Myopia: Let her have it. 352 kb
  48. Xena- Ya just had to outbid me didn't you? Gabrielle: You outbid me first. It's a wonder you didn't go any higher. Gabrielle: Right, like I can top the Ring of Apollo. Autolycus: Are you two out of your minds? 113 kb
  49. Xena- This plan of yours if kinda ambitious. Autolycus: Whatelse would you expect from the King of Thieves. Oh, Thebes, I've been there. Autolycus: Pay attention. 88 kb
  50. Xena (as Ezra)- Oh, you naughty guard you. 33 kb
  51. Xena (as Ezra)- Hold everything, the party starts here. 45 kb
  52. Xena (as Ezra)- Make yourself scarce, dummy. 26 kb
  53. Xena (as Ezra)- Yoo hoo. Myopia, I'm so sorry you lost, better luck next time huh? 82 kb
  54. Xena (as Ezra)- Auto. Auto baby, you promised me this was gonna work. You're supposed to be the King of Thieves. My father, my father told me he was a looser and a fraud. With his phony disguises and that silly mustach, but I will always love you. 228 kb
  55. Xena (as Ezra)- Oh, you gotta believe me. He put me up to this. You know how he is, with that charm of his, he's so shallow yet so persuasive. I'm not really a bad person. I just fell in love with the wrong man at the wrong time. 203 kb

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