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Sounds from A Tale of Two Muses

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  1. A Tale of Two Muses Promo 327 kb
  2. Music played while Tara is dancing at the beginning of the episode. 1,580 kb ( 28.8 RealAudio version or 56.6 RealAudio version)
  3. I'm a candle in the wind... Let the spirit move me. 3,220 kb ( 28.8 RealAudio version or 56.6 RealAudio version)
  4. Music played while Xena and Gabrielle are dancing. 1,470 kb ( 28.8 RealAudio version or 56.6 RealAudio version)
  5. Dance music at the end of the episode. 5,070 kb ( 28.8 RealAudio version or 56.6 RealAudio version)
  6. Autolycus- Got your pigeon. What, did you shoot it from a catapult? It's tail feathers were smoking. 60 kb
  7. Autolycus- Well, I figured if you sprang for the express bird, it's gotta be important. Not to mention the reward you promised me. Don't tell me this is one of those virtue is it's own reward jobs. Aww Xena, I thought better of you, I really did. 188 kb
  8. Autolycus- People of Palos... Praise her. Praise her. Praise her. 1,730 kb
  9. Autolycus- I'm telling you Istahan, I see decadence everywhere I go in this town. Do you realize that on my way here, I saw two people holding hands? You know where that can lead. My brother, I noticed last night, at the meeting... this is exactly what I'm talking about Istahan, look at that filth... it's an abomination. Don't tell me you don't see it. Look, look at the firmness of those rounded peaks, and the cleft in that valley. Istapan: And that tower, thrusting skyward. Philipan's right, it's obscene. 617 kb
  10. Autolycus- Gabrielle, I sense that there's some pent up energy, some fraustration eating at you, some unresolved desire. I can tell, you need to get... Gabrielle: Dancing! 131 kb
  11. Gabrielle- The despair of winter is followed by the hope of spring. The infernal heat of summer abolished by a gentle autum breeze. Life's brutal truths are softened by it'd tender mercies. Xena: You know, I like that. Thank you. 230 kb
  12. Gabrielle- My writing has allowed me to express my most inner feelings. I don't know how I'd survive without it. I wish you have something like that Xena. Xena: Are you kidding? I've got this. It's perfect. 200 kb
  13. Gabrielle- Traveling the road is sure tough on shoes. Xena: Yeah, I gotta get Argo to a blacksmith in the next town. I was talking about my shoes. 92 kb
  14. Gabrielle- Save some for me. 18 kb
  15. Gabrielle- I'm really getting into these metal pathes. I like steel. 68 kb
  16. Istapan- Her scales of justice, shall swift and fair. 70 kb
  17. Istapan- A transgression like this must be disciplined. 57 kb
  18. Istapan- She committed a crime so insidious, we must punish it quickly and severely. 61 kb
  19. Xena- That's not nice. 22 kb
  20. Xena- I hate foreigh food. 159 kb
  21. Xena- What are you doing? Gabrielle: Ever since I heard it's not allowed, I've never wanted to dance so badly all my life. It just... feels so good. 140 kb
  22. Xena- Bet you could get to like that. 24 kb
  23. Xena- So off you go again, it's all about the cute guy wasn't it? 55 kb
  24. Xena- Alright, now lets get this going. We're here to purify your minds. We're here to give you a little focus. That's a very good word for you. Focus. Say it with me. 173 kb
  25. Xena- Some of you think that dancing is a way to express your inner feelings, it's an art. Well philipan has asked me to show you a real art. The art of War! 147 kb
  26. Xena- This first move ensures that anyone who gets into your space looses an arm, a leg, or a vital body part. 99 kb

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