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Sounds from Tsunami

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  1. Promo of Tsunami 323 kb
  2. Gabrielle- Did you hear that? She just described every day of our lives. 60 kb
  3. Gabrielle- Well then in that case, these two hands should locate some food or there will be no dinner in our future. 40 kb
  4. Gabrielle- Autolycus: Gabrielle, you shouldn't be here. Me? You're in a chain gang. 39 kb
  5. Gabrielle- Why don't you pick on someone who can fight back? 30 kb
  6. Gabrielle- So, what do you think of that Palm Reader now? Xena: Like you said, just another average day. 75 kb
  7. Macon- I got something you can look at. Bet you'll like it too. 66 kb
  8. Macon- You may as well hang a sign around your neck that says, "fish food, come and get me." 47 kb
  9. Macon- Well what do you know, the bitch has bite after all. 47 kb
  10. Palm Reader- You're going on a long voyage. 39 kb
  11. Palm Reader- I see a man on this voyage. Xena: Let me guess, tall dark and handsome right? 81 kb
  12. Palm Reader- No, there's danger. Great danger, and death. 66 kb
  13. Xena- Look, your future is less in your palm than in your own two hands. It's what you make of it. 41 kb
  14. Xena- Chains aren't usually your look. 28 kb
  15. Xena- Back off. 13 kb
  16. Xena- Oh I think we understand each other perfectly. 37 kb
  17. Xena- Call me crazy. 23 kb
  18. Xena- You do that again and I won't wait for the sea. I'll kill you myself. 54 kb
  19. Xena- Hold on, we're going down. 31 kb
  20. Xena- Autolycus, you're a genius. 20 kb
  21. Xena- From you, nothing. From me, nothing less. 82 kb

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