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  1. The Quill is Mightier promo 322 kb
  2. Aphrodite- Did the little blond girlie scare the big hairy men? 97 kb
  3. Aphrodite- Hey, don't believe everything you hear about blonds. 58 kb
  4. Aphrodite- Basic hair care was not such a drag as a goddess. 63 kb
  5. Aphrodite- Flattery works, keep going. 30 kb
  6. Aphrodite- I'm new to this mortal hygiene thing. 85 kb
  7. Aphrodite- Look I really hate to be the one to break up a major love fest, but look at me. I'm not built to be a mortal. 163 kb
  8. Ares- Pretty soon, when people think of love, they're gonna think Xena, not Aphrodite. 142 kb
  9. Ares- I only made the warrior. She made the legend. 73 kb
  10. Ares- Me? I'm mortal, I might be killed. 76 kb
  11. Gabrielle- This fiction stuff can be really fun. 63 kb
  12. Joxer- Gabrielle awoke with a jerk. Gabrielle awoke with a jerk. That's a funny phrase. 214 kb
  13. Minya- You hairballs, get back here. 133 kb
  14. Minya- My hormones are peaking. I'm ready for action. I wanna crack some heads. 107 kb
  15. Minya- I expected more from the God of War. Without his powers he's just another man. Just another big 'ol, leather clad, well muscled, gorgeous hunk of bad boy man. 351 kb
  16. Xena- Smells like musty old leather to me. Gabrielle: To the non-creative person perhaps. 126 kb
  17. Xena- I had visited just about everyone who ever meant anything to me. Except you, that's when I headed back. 227 kb

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