Sounds from The Quest

  1. Autolycus- Ah, another day, another defilement. 102 kb
  2. Autolycus- Xena: Focus on what we're here for...
    I'm not just leering at scantily clad women you know, I'm working.
    190 kb
  3. Autolycus- Losing your body has done nothing to improve your patience. 151 kb
  4. Autolycus- Would you calm down? There's barely enough room up here for my paranoia. 158 kb
  5. Autolycus- Gabrielle, Xena's inside me. 79 kb
  6. Autolycus- Xena, we're too late. 64 kb
  7. Autolycus- Ow, does she work out for those stunts? 119 kb
  8. Autolycus- Well, nothing quite like a woman's touch. 134 kb
  9. Autolycus- Hey, I paid for an hour. 116 kb
  10. Autolycus- Well, in for a dinar, in for a kingdom. Besides, I've got a little something to settle with that Amazonian b.. female. 257 kb
  11. Ephiny- The new Queen of the Amazons, Gabrielle. 177 kb
  12. Gabrielle- Every night I see it happen. Every morning I wish it was a dream. 348 kb
  13. Gabrielle- Back off, I'm warning you. 99 kb
  14. Gabrielle- I would've told her how empy my life was before she came, and all the lessons I learned..... and that I love her. 515 kb
  15. Gabrielle- Show yourself. 55 kb
  16. Gabrielle- Xena, I'll always love you, but I know I have to let you go. 226 kb
  17. Gabrielle- Quiet! 44 kb
  18. Gabrielle- Take it. 22 kb
  19. Gabrielle- Xena, look, they made me queen. Me, the little girl you found in Poteidaia. 625 kb
  20. Gabrielle- Ephiny: Gabrielle. I can't explain Ephany, I'm sorry. 157 kb
  21. Gabrielle- You know there are two kinds of tears. Tears for those who leave you and tears for those who you never let go. And I won't say goodbye to you Xena, 'cause we'll be together again one day. 851 kb
  22. Gabrielle- You're so pathetic. 63 kb
  23. Gabrielle- It is Xena! 65 kb
  24. Gabrielle- Xena, I can't lose you again.
    Xena: Gabrielle, I'll always be here.
    317 kb
  25. Gabrielle- Autolycus, get your hand off my butt. 146 kb
  26. Gabrielle- Hey. Hey lady, c'mere. A: What do you want? G: I wanna tell you this.... 217 kb
  27. Gabrielle- Xena, if you can hear me, come back, please come back. 429 kb
  28. Gabrielle- Xena? Yeah? Promise me that you'll never die on me again. Oh, I promise. 299 kb
  29. Iolaus- I should get this greeting every time I turn up. 151 kb
  30. Velasca- Xena was a true amazon even though she denied it. 132 kb
  31. Velasca- Make sure you understand destiny. I do, and I'm the only one to return the Amazons to theirs. 339 kb
  32. Velasca- Those who stand against me stand with her. 191 kb
  33. Velasca- It's not whether you die, it's how you die that counts. 190 kb
  34. Velasca- I wasn't meant to be queen. I was meant to be a god. 232 kb
  35. Xena- I need a favor from the King of Theives. I want you to steal my dead body from the Amazons. 289 kb
  36. Xena- Let go and hold on.
    Autolycus: Let go and hold on?
    122 kb
  37. Xena- Gabrielle, Gabrielle. It's me. I'm not dead.
    Gabrielle: Xena!
    At least not completely.
    Why? Why did you leave? There's so many things I want to say to you.
    Gabrielle, you don't have to say a word. We don't have much time. I need to get to the ambrosia otherwise I will be gone.
    Xena, I can't lose you again.
    Gabrielle, I'll always be here.
    1,795 kb
  38. Xena- Gabrielle?
    Gabrielle: I know.
    172 kb

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