Sounds from The Price

  1. Gabrielle- You expect me to decide who lives and....Xena: I want men outside, Gabrielle. You figure it out. 296 kb
  2. Gabrielle- As long as this man still breathes he's in my 225 kb
  3. Gabrielle- Who are you, Xena? What happened to the Xena I know? Xena: That Xena can't help us now. If losing her is the price for saving us all, I'll pay it. 644 kb
  4. Gabrielle- That's the price, isn't it? Losing your humanity. 234 kb
  5. Gabrielle- Well, you were right, Xena. If I'm gonna die I'm gonna do it my way. 188 kb
  6. Gabrielle- Looks like you've got your battle to the death. 105 kb
  7. Gabrielle- You knew? Xena: I knew one of us had to die. 200 kb
  8. Mentacles- I'm not stupid. I saw the men out there. Xena's the only chance we've got. 280 kb
  9. Xena- I can still remember that howling of the Horde..the screaming of my men.... 273 kb
  10. Xena- Things are gonna get worse, especially with what I have to do to get us out of here. 277 kb
  11. Xena- No, we've got you now, we're keeping you. 139 kb
  12. XenaGabrielle, when we get close to shore, I want you to jump.Gabrielle: I'm not leaving you.Xena: I can't fight them if I'm worrying about you! Now, do what I say! 515 kb
  13. Xena- Gabrielle, duck! 62 kb
  14. Xena- You can't reason with dead men Gabrielle, and these are as dead as those men on the river bank. 321 kb
  15. Xena- If I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die as I am, a warrior with a sword in my hand. 153 kb
  16. Xena- Now, take this sword, get back on that wall and do your job 'cause what they might do to ya is nothing compared to what I'll do. 301 kb
  17. Xena- Who are you? My name is Xena. 105 kb
  18. Xena- We're gonna kill 'em all! 155 kb
  19. Xena- Mercer: Xena? Yeah. Let's not make a big deal about it. 212 kb
  20. Xena- No. No, they're out there. We just gave them a bloody nose. They won't be stupid enough to enter the camp again. 331 kb
  21. Xena- This is war! What did you expect? Glamour? There are no good choices only lesser degrees of evil. Gabrielle: There is a choice. To stop fighting. 572 kb
  22. Xena- Gabrielle, I didn't rescue him. We need information and he's gonna give it to us. One way or another. 311 kb
  23. Xena- Don't you ever question my authority or methods in front of my troops. I told you I'd do whatever it takes and if that means killing him later, I'll do it. 456 kb
  24. Xena- Get down! What do you think you're playing at? C'mon. 87 kb
  25. Xena- Do it! 44 kb
  26. Xena- You understand hatred, but you have never given in to it. You don't know how much I love.......that. 460 kb
  27. Xena- Peace and understanding don't happen overnight, Gabrielle. This is the only communication we both understand. A warrior's code of honor. If I defeat their leader, I defeat their army. 523 kb
  28. Xena- If this doesn't work, I want you to go to the river. Gabrielle: No. You do what you have to do but we'll walk down that road together. 282 kb
  29. Xena- They'll be back. Maybe not this year but someday. Gabrielle: Can anyone stop them? Xena: Yeah, it won't be warriors, it'll be someone like you. I just hope that where ever the Horde is from they have a Gabrielle. 718 kb

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