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Sounds from Sacrifice II

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  1. Sacrifice II promo 324 kb
  2. Ares- The pantheon of the gods will fall once you enter the world Dahak. I don't regret joining you... I mean, serving you. 157 kb
  3. Ares- You know, it's not so bad once you get to know him. He's ruthless, decisive, we've got a lot in common. 64 kb
  4. Ares- Tell me how you really feel, Callisto. 23 kb
  5. Ares- Sorry, this time we're on the same side. 27 kb
  6. Ares- Just like old times. 20 kb
  7. Ares- You are so not like your mother. 25 kb
  8. Ares- You can't have a bloodletting without the guest of honor. 31 kb
  9. Ares- They'll come, they'll go. 44 kb
  10. Ares- Our child will be the first of what Dahak calls the Six Destroyers. Insidious creatures with no souls who eat at the living, and the righteous, and lay waste to all gods. Xena: You deserve the little monsters. 129 kb
  11. Ares- You know the stakes Gabrielle. Xena's fate is in your hands. 54 kb
  12. Callisto- Oh, mother and child reunion. I'm all misty eyed. 64 kb
  13. Callisto- Oh, now she's scary. And you just lost your one chance before she hatched, Xena. 79 kb
  14. Callisto- Like you turned your back on precious little Gabrielle? Yeah, guess you speak from experience huh? 78 kb
  15. Callisto- So be it. 11 kb
  16. Callisto- Well, it is a good disguise, it'll attract less attention then walking around naked I suppose. 63 kb
  17. Callisto- Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Glory Hallelujah. 34 kb
  18. Callisto- Always wanted to do that. 21 kb
  19. Callisto- Well, c'mon. 16 kb
  20. Callisto- Hope, you mess with him, you're asking for trouble. 34 kb
  21. Callisto- I want it, now. 28 kb
  22. Callisto- You're next Ares. 17 kb
  23. Callisto- Why hello there Xena. 21 kb
  24. Callisto- I'm not here to fight with you Xena. Just wanna chat. 41 kb
  25. Callisto- No actually, the sight of her and Ares rolling around like weasels made me sick. 50 kb
  26. Callisto- I help you put Dahak back into the bottle, and you help me die. 40 kb
  27. Callisto- So how about it? I scratch your back, you stab mine. 62 kb
  28. Callisto- I yearn for oblivion, annihilation, peace if you will. 81 kb
  29. Callisto- No need for firewood with me around. 28 kb
  30. Callisto- This is probably the last night's sky either one of us will ever see. 59 kb
  31. Callisto- Try not to die before doing me first. Or I'll make Gabrielle wish you had. How's that for an incentive. 94 kb
  32. Callisto- I never thought I'd feel so good again. Seeing poor dear Gabrielle sacrifice herself makes it all worth while. It finally gave me a reason for living, and I have you to thank for it Xena. 169 kb
  33. Gabrielle- I just couldn't stand the thought of loosing you. 49 kb
  34. Gabrielle- Hows life as a slave to your new master, Dahak. 34 kb
  35. Gabrielle- I know that Hope has to die, no matter the consquences. Ares: Even if that means saying goodbye to your beloved Xena? Think you can just let it happen? I don't. 176 kb
  36. Hope- Hello mother. 22 kb
  37. Hope- Dahak has more important things in mind. 35 kb
  38. Hope- Do it. 12 kb
  39. Hope- Now that I'm back. The faithful will come by the thousands. The blood of the innocents will soak the holy ground. 112 kb
  40. Hope- You could be a soldier in Dahak's army. Instead you choose oblivion. 53 kb
  41. Hope- When I'm finished with you, you will get your reward. As promised. 58 kb
  42. Hope- A temple to a lesser god, changes are in order. 38 kb
  43. Hope- You're told what you need to know Callisto. Nothing more. 48 kb
  44. Hope- I wanna know how you feel about me. Joxer: I feel um, well, I feel uh... Would you call it love? Joxer: Well, that's a huge word, but I'm uh, I think I have a nose bleed. 271 kb
  45. Hope- Strange, there wasn't enough love in her to let me live. Yet people love her. 94 kb
  46. Hope- What would you make of my feelings toward Xena? Joxer: Xena? Ya know. You love her more than anybody in the whole world. More than anyone. 136 kb
  47. Hope- Don't make me do this alone. Come, be my mother. 68 kb
  48. Hope- You can't stop the will of Dahak. 21 kb
  49. Joxer- That's far enough. Release those people or you'll be sorry. 53 kb
  50. Xena- It ain't over yet. 25 kb
  51. Xena- Hope is just using you Callisto. I wouldn't turn my back on her. 73 kb
  52. Xena- Experience that. 21 kb
  53. Xena- You protected your daughter well didn't you? Gabrielle: You don't understand. Xena: Why you released that monster that killed my son on all the children of the world? That I do not understand. 125 kb
  54. Xena- Don't you get it? I would gladly die to rid the world of that thing. 43 kb
  55. Xena- Gabrielle, whatever happens I have to stop Hope, and if I have to die doing it then so be it, do you understand? 70 kb
  56. Xena- It's strange. The one I love most in the world and the one I hate, look exactly the same. 116 kb
  57. Xena- May you live forever. 26 kb
  58. Xena- Because I like the idea of you living with your suffering. Callisto: Please, who said anything about suffering, really, it's more of a boredom thing, an emptyness really. 85 kb
  59. Xena- What did you think you were doing? Callisto: A girl's gotta have some fun. 60 kb
  60. Xena- I am sick to death of you. The fate of the entire world rests on this mission, and if you think I'm going to let a bumbling fool like you mess it up, you got another think comming. 90 kb
  61. Xena- You don't hear too good huh? I said I'm sick of you. Now get lost. 64 kb
  62. Xena- Now scram you fool. Moron. Get outta here. 56 kb
  63. Xena- I know you're here 'cause my skin is crawling. 36 kb
  64. Xena- Gabrielle, stay here. Gabrielle: No way. After all we've been through, I am with you 'til the end. 69 kb
  65. Xena- A lot's happened to us over the past year, and there were times when we were both very confused. I want you to know that I still think you are the best thing that ever happened to me. You gave my life meaning and joy. You will be a part of me forever. 190 kb
  66. Xena- No more living for you. 24 kb

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