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Sounds from Sacrifice (Part I)

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  1. Sacrifice promo 644 kb
  2. Ares- I've been looking forward to this reunion for a long long time. kb
  3. Ares- I am really going to enjoy tearing her limb from limb. kb
  4. Ares- When you realize you're wrong. Call me. kb
  5. Ares- I want every warlord, every soldier who ever professed alliegience to me. All of them. This is going to be the largest army ever assembled. kb
  6. Ares- I am Ares god of War. kb
  7. Ares- Xena's not finished you know. When she puts her mind to killing someone, they generally get killed. kb
  8. Callisto- Just weren't built to hold a real god were you? kb
  9. Callisto- Go away. kb
  10. Callisto- Hi honey, I'm home. kb
  11. Callisto- There you are. Hello pumpkin. kb
  12. Callisto- Your auntie Callisto has brought you a little treat. kb
  13. Callisto- Shall I carve or will you? kb
  14. Callisto- Not very happy to see me are you? Neither am I really. kb
  15. Callisto- Oh, Xena. kb
  16. Callisto- I tell you about it and the first thing you know, you'll be trying to stop me. kb
  17. Callisto- You just trust me. You're gonna love it. Well, at least half of it. Xena: Oh goody. kb
  18. Callisto- Are you toying with me? kb
  19. Callisto- Love to chat but, gotta go. kb
  20. Callisto- Yes I know who you serve you little worm. She and I are old friends. I've already given her the priest of the flesh, and now she's waiting for the priest of the blood. And guess who gets that honor. kb
  21. Callisto- I want oblivion. I want my life to end. I want it all to stop. No nothing. No memories, no Tartarus, nothing. kb
  22. Callisto- Such power, it's almost scary. kb
  23. Callisto- Oh she's so good. kb
  24. Callisto- But I'm a god now Xena. Welcome to my world. Now get ready to leave it. Xena: Give me your best shot. kb
  25. Callisto- Oh well, back to basics. kb
  26. Callisto- The best you can hope for is a standoff. And who you really think is going to tire out first. kb
  27. Callisto- You should've kept running. I couldn't use my powers in there but out here... well, can you say... nighty night? kb
  28. Xena- How long have you been watching me? kb
  29. Xena- Your army means nothing to me. kb
  30. Xena- Anger clouds the mind and prevents focus. kb
  31. Xena- That's the funny thing about people. Just when you think you've got them figured out, they show a completely different side to their character. kb
  32. Xena- Nighty night. kb
  33. Xena- Stay back Ares. I'm the one who gets to kill her. kb

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