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Sounds from Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior

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  1. Lucy- Yep, we're in good shape. 16 kb
  2. Lucy- No, Greenpeace is publicly funded, so anyone can come on the boat. 51 kb
  3. Lucy- Remember those lambado lessons? 43 kb
  4. Lucy- Thanks mate. 14 kb
  5. Lucy- There are some spots open on the local yachts, and a couple of crews open on the Vega... 59 kb
  6. Lucy- You're becomming obsessive about this. 23 kb
  7. Lucy- Hey look! It's Peter! Shh. 35 kb
  8. Lucy- I was saving this for after the action, but what the hell. 36 kb
  9. Lucy- Hey... Peter, up here. 99 kb
  10. Lucy- The Maori always called this the place of great secrets. How right they were. 107 kb
  11. Lucy- Satellite says we're in French waters, skipper. 23 kb
  12. Lucy- Hold me steady, Bruce. 17 kb

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