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  1. Past Imperfect Promo 642 kb
  2. Borias- Is this your sacrifice to Alti? Xena: No, it's just for shock value. 152 kb
  3. Borias- The only reason our two armies haven't crossed blades is because of common purpose. 116 kb
  4. Borias- Don't do this, we lost our love, don't make me an enemy. Xena: You became an enemy the moment you thought there was love. 170 kb
  5. Gabrielle- Xena, the gods know I have been tied to a cross before. 70 kb
  6. Gabrielle- Xena, you're expecting Medusa behind every tree. You can't look left, you can't look right... Xena: Alright, we're not staying long. 189 kb
  7. Gabrielle- This conversation is over right? Deal? Xena: Gods forbid I'd ever bring that subject up again. kb
  8. Gabrielle- What happened? Xena: I just got outsmarted by my own tactics. 119 kb
  9. Gabrielle- Xena, I don't believe in your vision. I can't afford to. Now either I prove you wrong, and we go on from here, or I prove you right, and we die. Either way, I will not continue like this. 368 kb
  10. Satrina- The pain again? Lean your head forward my Queen. Xena: Don't call me your queen Satrina, I don't like it. 201 kb
  11. Satrina- My destiny is an empire and Xena is going to help me achieve it. Not with you around, you'll just spoil the whole thing. So you have to die. And maybe your son too, but we'll have to wait on that one. 301 kb
  12. Xena- Alti promised me that power. With it I become the Destroyer of Nations. 138 kb
  13. Xena- You don't command in my tent Borias, not anymore. 95 kb
  14. Xena- That baby is nothing compared to my empire. 60 kb
  15. Xena- Those were painful times. I learned many hard lessons, I lost alot. 177 kb
  16. Xena- You're next in command and you don't have any battle experience? 61 kb
  17. Xena- Gabrielle, looks like this hospital sure can use your hand. Gabrielle: No Xena, this hospital is well protected, it's in the center of the city, it doesn't need me hiding in it. I'll start the fire brigade. 297 kb
  18. Xena- Gabrielle, did you see that mountain out there? Gabrielle: Yes. It's part of your vision right? What if this is the place where it happens? 281 kb
  19. Xena- You want to take this away from me. Borias: Like any father would. If my son stays here, he'll become a target for your enermies. He'll see things a child shouldn't have to see and... And he'll become like me. 292 kb
  20. Xena- I am the destroyer of nations, it has been foretold. The Ixion stone is my path to power and I will find it. I will unlock it's mysteries. And the prophecy of the great Shamaness Alti will be complete. 352 kb
  21. Xena- We're going to need a lot of wood. When I'm done here, there is going to be a line of crusified bodies leading from Corinth to the Caspian sea. I will crusify them all. Crusify them. 398 kb
  22. Xena- I understand what's going on now. This battle is a reflection of the one I almost won years ago. Whoever it is out there, they're using my own tactics against me. He knows me, it's like he is me. How do I defeat myself? 562 kb
  23. Xena- You're having trouble getting inside my head right now? Let me help you. You killed Borias, the man who could've changed everything for me if only I'd let him. You killed the father of my child. 335 kb
  24. Xena- Take this child. He's my son, and the son of Borias. If he stays here he'll become a target for everyone who hates me. He'll learn things a child shouldn't know. He'll become like me. 525 kb

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