Sounds from A Necessary Evil

  1. Callisto- You're my little Hercules. 118 kb
  2. Callisto- Runaway, like a good little Hercules, runaway, runaway...very soon. 594 kb
  3. Callisto- So glad you could stop by for a visit. 160 kb
  4. Callisto- Oh, Xena. How I've missed you. 201 kb
  5. Callisto- Such a pretty day for a blood bath. 173 kb
  6. Callisto- How've you been? Any new husbands since the last one I killed? 175 kb
  7. Callisto- I knew there had to be some reason you liked her. 165 kb
  8. Callisto- Here, lemme help. 92 kb
  9. Callisto- It won't take but a minute. 80 kb
  10. Callisto- First things first. 72 kb
  11. Callisto- Now? Xena: Not yet. 67 kb
  12. Callisto- I'm Callisto. You want Gabrielle, I want Xena. I think we have something in common. 290 kb
  13. Callisto- She doesn't like to talk about me. 74 kb
  14. Callisto- You don't just kill me and walk away. 115 kb
  15. Callisto- Patience is a virtue. 93 kb
  16. Callisto- I'll answer your question if you answer mine. 126 kb
  17. Callisto- When I sliced open your husband, how long did it take him to die? 152 kb
  18. Callisto- We played a game of truth or dare and she's not very good at it. 104 kb
  19. Callisto- It's your precious little Gabrielle she wants. 120 kb
  20. Callisto- Now, do we stake Gabrielle out like the sacrificial lamb she is, or are we to trust that she won't be running? 264 kb
  21. Callisto- Gimme that! 48 kb
  22. Callisto- Here comes trouble. 64 kb
  23. Ephany- Amazons! Attack! 135 kb
  24. Ephany- Amazon retreat call. 132 kb
  25. Ephany- You'll have to kill me first. 114 kb
  26. Ephany- Run! Now! 76 kb
  27. Gabrielle- Does an Amazon Queen beat a Warrior Princess? Xena: Do you really want to find out? 218 kb
  28. Gabrielle- Xena, what're we gonna do? Against a god? 145 kb
  29. Gabrielle- What makes you think that Callisto would help you? Xena: I'll just have to talk her into it. 304 kb
  30. Gabrielle- You're here. It wasn't my idea. 125 kb
  31. Gabrielle- She's right you know, I'm the bait. 222 kb
  32. Gabrielle- Go with it. 51 kb
  33. Gabrielle- Do it! 32 kb
  34. Gabrielle- Goodbye, Callisto. 66 kb
  35. Solari- Many of us beleive that you should've been queen long ago, and now that you're a god, we wanna offer you a sacrifice. 414 kb
  36. Velasca- Hello, Gabrielle. 83 kb
  37. Velasca- A gift from the gods to make a god. 204 kb
  38. Velasca- You! Gabrielle! 131 kb
  39. Velasca- Oh, no you don't, Ephany. I have a special place in my heart for you too. 350 kb
  40. Velasca- You can't hide from me Gabrielle. You can't hide from a god! 372 kb
  41. Velasca- Wise, very wise. 140 kb
  42. Velasca- He wouldn't have told it right anyway. 74 kb
  43. Velasca- Three heart beats, Xena and Gabrielle have a friend. 214 kb
  44. Velasca- And who are you? Callisto: I'm insulted. 137 kb
  45. Velasca- You must have a death wish. Callisto: You know it's funny, I think I do. 164 kb
  46. Velasca- Goodbye, Xena. 60 kb
  47. Velasca- Go away! 81 kb
  48. Velasca- And now it's time for you to die. 78 kb
  49. Velasca- Oh, she's gotta go. 67 kb
  50. Xena- All better now, see? 100 kb
  51. Xena- Look, Gabrielle, I know how much this hurts you. Gabrielle: No you don't. Everytime I close my eyes I hear her voice, I hear Perdicas scream. Now I have to live with that 'til the day I die. 583 kb
  52. Xena- You may be immortal but I can still do damage. How'd you like to spend eternity in 5 pieces? 327 kb
  53. Xena- You're a laugh a minute. 52 kb
  54. Xena- Let's go. 44 kb
  55. Xena- I'm counting on it. 53 kb
  56. Xena- She just switched sides. 77 kb
  57. Xena- I'm going to break up their little party. 72 kb
  58. Xena- Don't let go, I'm coming! 65 kb
  59. Xena- Dive for cover! 40 kb
  60. Xena- Sacrificing you is not part of the plan, not even close. 157 kb
  61. Xena- Don't take your eyes off me! 96 kb

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