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Sounds from Locked Up and Tied Down

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  1. Locked Up and Tied Down Promo 324 kb
  2. Music - Music played while Xena is building the alter. 2,600 kb ( 28.8 RealAudio version or 56.6 RealAudio version)
  3. Ersina- You know what I spent the past 2 years asking myself? How could that murdering bitch Xena send people away to be punished? You never had to pay for your crimes. That's always bothered me. Xena: Then we have something in common. It's always bothered me too. 209 kb
  4. Gabrielle- I got it, I got it. Xena: Gabrielle, stop searching with your eyes. Alright, no eyes. Xena: Find it? Ahhh. Found it. I learn from the best. 187 kb
  5. Gabrielle- What in Tartarus have you been carrying on these shoulders? Xena: I wouldn't know. I try not to over analize my life like some people. Some people say that the unexamined life is not worth living. Xena: Those people haven't lived my life. 166 kb
  6. Gabrielle- You could've said something in your defense. Xena: There's no defense for what I did, Gabrielle. Xena, you could've argued the greater good. Surely, what you could do outside of prison would outweigh... Xena: Outweigh what? The pain that young girl felt while she was being eaten alive? Don't. Xena: Gabrielle, she was like you. She had your kind of spirit. And I killed that, what could outweigh that? Xena, if you're looking for redemption, you're not going to find it there. Xena: I'm not looking for redemption anymore. Gabrielle, we're always talking about your spiritual quest. You say you need something to make you feel complete. Well, so do I. 553 kb
  7. Gabrielle- This wasn't removed by a healer's knife. Thalassa: Healer's knife? No, many knives, many hungry little knives. 140 kb
  8. Gabrielle- This wound is so old, I should give it more attention. Thalassa: Why do I feel like it's still there? Maybe you haven't accepted the loss. Thalass: What would you know about loss? A few things. Thalass: You have such warmth and beauty, I had that once too. You give yourself a chance, you may rediscover your soul. Thalassa: That's sentimental nonsense. Whatever beauty I had in me was crushed the day evil entered my life. A tall, darked haired evil. She took my beauty and she mutilated my soul. 550 kb
  9. Gabrielle- Do you have to follow me around everywhere? Guard: Commandant's orders. Wouldn't want anything to happen to her pet healer now would we? No, we wouldn't want that. 117 kb
  10. Gabrielle- So how about it? Xena: about what? Forgiving yourself. Xena: Gabrielle, that's not for me. But I won't let that monster I used to be, the one who sleeps so close to my heard destroy all the good I can do now. Not as long as I'm around. 285 kb
  11. Guard- Everything you heard about this place, everything your mothers told you to frighten you into being good little girls, is true. Keep your noses clean, obey the guards, and you'll survive. 148 kb
  12. Guard- Don't you ever say no to me. If I say you're a hero, you're a hero. Now. You're a real hero aren't you? Xena: I'm a hero. 183 kb
  13. Thalassa- You know a wolf if caught in a trap will knaw off it's now legs just to get away. I was lucky, the crabs did it for me. 107 kb
  14. Thalassa- You know Xena, the thought of you has haunted me every moment of my life. Do you understand what that's like? Xena: Yes, I do. 115 kb
  15. Thalassa- You finally have the punishment you sought, and its for a murder you didn't even commit. Don't you just love the irony? 91 kb
  16. Thalassa- Now I owe my life to you. The gods love to play with our fates don't they? Xena: Thalassa, I can't ask your forgiveness. I wrong you terribly. There's one thing I know, when I met you, you were a wonderful, loving person. And if you continue to let that love be buried under bitterness and anger, evil wins. What you say is true. Your friend here, she helped me to get in touch with something these last few days, my soul. My ability to do good was crippled. The evil Xena, she did that to me. Don't let her do it to you. Thank you Gabrielle. 569 kb
  17. Xena- I did it. Gabrielle: She was crazed, or she was armed, right? There was some sort of mitigated circumstance. Gabrielle, she was innocent. She did nothing to me and I killed her because it suited my purposes. How's that for mitigated circumstances. 203 kb
  18. Xena- I'm going back with them. You said yourself that I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. Maybe it's the weight of my guilt. This is my chance to do something about it. Take it. You know I'm right. 193 kb
  19. Xena- Here's the deal, nice and simple. You give us what we want, or we kill the girls. 87 kb
  20. Xena- You don't kill unarmed women. There's a first time for everything, old man. 54 kb

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