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Sounds from King of Assassins

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  1. King of Assassins promo 323 kb
  2. Autolycus- A good thief, like a good lover, takes his time. Has patience. 134 kb
  3. Autolycus- Diamonds and rubies, and pearls. 113 kb
  4. Autolycus- I'm gonna tell something. I've been checking on you, and the word on the street is that you are the best. You are the man. 200 kb
  5. Autolycus- But he looked exactly like you. Same long, ferret face, slack jaw, beady eyes... Joxer: Ok I got it, I got it. 200 kb
  6. Autolycus- I don't think so, I'm not as dumb as he looks. 46 kb
  7. Autolycus- You, master moron, lets go. 49 kb
  8. Autolycus- Well hello there. You can call me Auto. Can I call you Cleo? 163 kb
  9. Autolycus- Easy on the throat can ya? I've got this silly little breathing habit. 75 kb
  10. Autolycus- Until later, my sweet. 29 kb
  11. Cleopatra- I hope you don't mind. I find a bath can be quite relaxing during negotiations. Unless it destracts you. Autolycus: Distracts me? A beautiful woman lying naked in a bathtub? Where was I? We were negotiating for your client's services. Autolycus: I think I should warn you Cleopatra. I drive a hard bargain. I think you'll find my offer quite generous. Autolycus: No doubt, you certainly have a lot of assets. But how will I know what you have to offer will satisfy me? Autolycus: Well lets just say I've never had any complaints. But I'm reluctant to dive right in. You see, first I need to know when, where, and how often. I'll let you know as soon as you make a firm offer. Are you firm yet, Autolycus? Autolycus: I dunno, I haven't seen your bottom line. Let's put this deal to bed, shall we? Autolycus: Love to. Guards, leave us. Autolycus: Guards, leave us. No, no, wait, they have to stay. Any business transactions require witnesses. Oh, kinky. 2,053 kb ( 28.8 RealAudio version and 56.6 RealAudio version)
  12. Jet- Kinda like looking in a mirror, eh brother? 81 kb
  13. Jet- Time for blood. 32 kb
  14. Jet- Where was I? Oh yeah, murder. 115 kb
  15. Joxer- Word must be out on me. There's blood on my hands. 83 kb
  16. Joxer- I didn't steal it, I liberated it. 46 kb
  17. Joxer- These hands are lethal weapons and there's no telling what they might do. 68 kb
  18. Joxer- Get ready for Joxer the dangerous. 109 kb
  19. Joxer- My whole life's been: Jet stole some horses, Jet torched a building, Jet killed the neighbors. My parents were so proud. 163 kb
  20. Joxer- How do you compete with an over achiever like that? 63 kb
  21. Joxer- You might be the King of Thieves, but I am Master of Mayhem. 86 kb
  22. Joxer- I think I bruised my brain. 42 kb
  23. Joxer- I've seen evil, and I've changed my ways. Jet: If you saw evil, you'd have to change your pants. 144 kb
  24. Joxer- Now, nothing can stop us. 71 kb
  25. Joxer- I'm hanging from the wall by my underware. 61 kb
  26. Joxer- Well, guess you all are just gonna be looking at me a little differently now. Gabrielle: Nope. Autolycus: I think not. Xena: Same 'ol same 'ol. 228 kb
  27. Gabrielle- I have been grabbed more time then the Golden Fleece. 57 kb
  28. Gabrielle- Hey, I've been watching Xena, I know how she thinks. 61 kb
  29. Gabrielle- Autolycus, an innocent person is going to die. Autolycus: No he isn't, because he is leaving. 85 kb
  30. Gabrielle- It's a chance to do something really good. Autolycus: Ha. Gabrielle: And get a really big reward. Autolycus: Oh, she had to say the 'R' word. 159 kb
  31. Gabrielle- You worthless excuse for a husband, come on. 105 kb
  32. Gabrielle- Yes, my lord. 27 kb
  33. Gabrielle- You may be a thief, but... Autolycus: No, don't say it. Alright, say it. You have a heart of gold. 174 kb
  34. Guard- You fondled her behind? Joxer: No I didn't. 56 kb
  35. Xena- Well school's out. 33 kb
  36. Xena- If you're telling the truth, I'll be back. If not, you rot. 102 kb
  37. Xena- Looks like you've been pecked by a chicken. 56 kb
  38. Xena- Joxer, you can barely kill time. It's just not you. 71 kb
  39. Xena- Good plan. 28 kb
  40. Xena- Be nice. 25 kb
  41. Xena- Last chance. 30 kb

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